Are you confused for choosing the best color for your shingles?

Roofing turns out to be one of the most important parts of your home. It is essential to keep the same in good shape and state to ensure that your home looks beautiful. Generally, people stuck with the shingle color choice. If you really wish to make a perfect decision, you need to be a little more informed.

Yes, there is a lot to consider beforehand. From your home style to the climate where you live in, the list is quite long. So before you get excited about your new roof, make sure you are well- versed with the below listed points. Have a look:

  • Color coordination: The shingles color should align with your wooden siding, stone, bricks, stucco or trim. It is essential to maintain the grace of your home’s appearance. Certainly, brown shingles or a mix of cream and brown will never compliment a gray or blue house. For such a home you will need dark gray or black roof. Along this, the architectural style of your home will also impact the selection.


  • The climate matters: The place where you live and the climate there will make a difference in the color selection. Wondering why? Actually, it is the color which can affect the temperature of your attic, and that too around 20 to 40 degrees. So this will make a good difference in the heating or cooling costs. While the light shingles deflect sunlight, these will help keep temperatures down. On the other hand dark shingles tend to absorb heat and you home will stay warm.


  • Neighborhood considerations: If you are not from the “make a statement” category, or you don’t want to go for an unusual color combination for your home, you must check for the homeowner’s association and subdivision rules. Avoid match or clash with your nearby neighbor’s roof color for better appearance.


Besides, it is also important to understand that a qualified roofing professional like 2flwindowsandsiding can be helpful. Not only for choosing the color but also they provide you a quality installation to keep your home beautiful and protected.

Now contrary to common misconceptions, there are a number of metal roof colors and finishes to choose from. Yes, today you can have roof of literally any color. However, experts have categorized them into the following:

  1. Special collection: In this category you can chose from multi-tone mixes which are very closely resemble to aged copper, natural bronze, and so on. Simply putting, this collection includes shades which are not so regularly available. And yes, these premium shades will cost 10-15% more than the standard options. But they are still worth.
  2. Standard section: It consist pre-mixed or stock metal roof coating choices. The best part about this section is that it is the most budget-friendly and convenient one. Usually, most standard roofing colors appear to be similar. However, there are certain shades that might vary.
  3. Two-Toned shades: If you are searching for some more classy and trendy colors, this selection will appeal you. Thanks to fairly new technology which brings forth combination of two tones of color. The final product is a dimensional and sophisticated look.
  4. Metallic colors: Being different from the standard colors, this comprises of the standing seam hues. You can look for them online first and then request catalogs from different manufacturers. These colors are found to be more appealing.
  5. Custom color: For those who have their heart set on a special color metal, which is not readily available, can prefer custom made collection. While the options are virtually limitless, the list generally includes custom levels of shininess or gloss.

So you have a good number of choices! Pick one which ideally complement and elevate the look of your home.