Window tinting is a process in which a transparent film sheet is applied to the inside of the windows. In other words, a specific film is glued to the windows.

It helps reduce heat and UV rays of the sun that reaches insides. Particularly in the extremely hot weather conditions in Washington, it is even important to get your home windows tinted.

Here we have outlined the benefits of home window tinting.

Blocking Harmful UV Rays:

UV rays not only harm your skin but also cause furniture and carpet to fade and deteriorate quickly. Just put your chair near a window and notice how much faster it fades compared to furniture in rooms away from direct sunlight. Apart from that, UV rays lead artworks and books to fade. This is the key reason why you should get your windows filmed or tinted. Tinted windows block the UV rays by over 90%, thereby saving your skin and furniture.

Home Window Tinting

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Home:

By tinting your windows, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. It will reduce heat in the summer and trap it in winter. It simply means that it will keep your house cool during summers, leading to less use of air conditioning. In winter, tinted windows trap warm air inside the house, thereby acting as insulation. This way, you end up minimizing heating costs and power bills in the long run.

Removing Glare:Excess glare not only strain your eyes but also leads to headaches. It is not easy to work on a computer with glaring all around. You may not get the best view of the TV screen due to excessive glaring. And it prompts you to increase the brightness of your smartphone so that you can see the screen. The solution lies in tinting.

Protecting Your Privacy:

Do people see a little too much of the things going inside? Another reason to get your window tinted. Tinted glass reduces the view to the outsides and a casual passerby.

Enhancing the Aesthetics of Your Home:

Tinted windows add to the styles of your home as well as increase its value to potential buyers.

So you must have understood the advantages of window tinting. If you are looking to get your window tinted or filmed, you can rely on 2FL’s professional window installation and tinting services in Washington and around. Contact us now at 866 – 908 – 2440!