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If you’re considering a fresh coat of paint on your home, remember that how you prepare the surface matters. Proper surface preparation prevents peeling, chipping and cracking from destroying the beauty of your new paint job.

Exterior painting requires expertise for long-term results. Re-caulking will also help ensure your surface is sealed to avoid damage that would require replacing your siding or trim. Painting siding can provide a new look for your home, especially if you have Hardie Board siding or wood siding.

The 2FL team is trustworthy, timely and reliable. We’ll give your home an exterior refresh that makes you a proud homeowner.

Why Choose 2FL for Painting Siding

As a team of siding experts, we know what to look for in reviewing your home’s exterior to look for weaknesses and areas of potential water damage to seal and fix them before painting.
We’re a premier contractor for James Hardie making us experts at managing Hardie Board siding long term.
We don’t cut corners. We’ll make sure your home is properly prepared for the project to ensure the best possible outcome.

Exterior Painting Services We Provide

  • Painting cedar siding
  • Painting metal siding
  • Painting wood siding
  • Painting steel siding
  • Painting vinyl siding
  • Painting commercial siding

Can My Siding Be Painted?

Damage to your home’s siding could be what has caused your home’s paint job to lose its vibrancy. Instead of painting, you might need new siding. When picking out siding, you can select the baked-in color from the factory to provide a new look for your home.

Before painting your home, we’ll assess the health of your home’s siding to make recommendations for the best way to freshen your home’s exterior. And we won’t use any high-pressure sales tactics to force you into new siding if you aren’t ready.

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    Sherwin-Williams offers high-quality paints in hundreds of colors to design a beautiful exterior for your building. Sherwin-Williams vinyl siding paint provides a safe way to paint your siding without the concern of buckling or warping.

    1. 100 VinylSafe Paint Colors

    Choose from the 100 VinylSafe color options to paint your vinyl siding. Gone are the days of worrying about covering a dark color with a lighter color that could damage your home’s siding. Now you can get the look you want without replacing your vinyl siding any sooner than necessary.

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    Some siding materials are more paint-friendly than others. Learn what you need to know about refreshing your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint.

    Painting Siding Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can paint vinyl siding, and this is often a less expensive option than replacing the siding on your home. But before you get your paintbrush ready, consider the life of your siding. If your siding is more than 20 years old, it’s probably better to just replace it to get the color you want instead of painting it. And, know that once you paint vinyl siding, it generally needs a new coat every five years or so as this paint job is not the same as the extruded color from the siding manufacturer. An important note here is that painting vinyl siding almost guarantees voiding your siding manufacturer warranty.

    It is cheaper to paint your siding than it is to replace it so long as the siding is still in good shape. If you paint siding that is damaged or weakened from a storm, you might just end up paying to replace that siding in a few years. Make sure to work with an exterior painting team that also knows siding and knows what to look for in assessing the health and longevity of siding before painting it.

    Pressure washing removes dirt and debris from your siding to prepare the surface for paint. Failing to properly prepare the surface can mean that your new paint doesn’t bond well with your siding material. You don’t want to roll over dirt on your home’s exterior as this will produce lumps and weaknesses in your new paint job.

    Paint adheres to aluminum siding quite well. In fact, it’s better to paint aluminum siding than it is to paint vinyl siding since it doesn’t shrink and change with the weather. And paint doesn’t peel off aluminum siding the way it does with wood.

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