The Bold Choice: Using Dark Blue Siding to Stand Out

Published on: December 08, 2023

Bold colors are trendy for homes and dark blue siding is no exception. The Royal Building Products Exterior Trends Report lists bold as one of its design trends. Homeowners are regularly asking for a bold color that makes a statement. While that doesn’t mean that earth tones and classic colors are out, it does signal a shift in the marketplace toward homeowners wanting another option.

Bold siding colors can help give a home character and distinction, while neutral accents can help offset the bold choice. Other homeowners want a bold statement but not with their entire home. So they go with a lighter shade of blue for the majority of the exterior and a bold color only on one gable or on the shutters.

Regardless, it seems like dark blue is here to stay. Spend some time learning about color pairings and design choices that help keep your bold choice looking great.

Why Bold, Dark Colors Are Trendy

When the time comes to update the siding on your home, you face a unique opportunity – the chance to truly make your home’s design and curb appeal your own. Most of the time, homeowners live in a home with exterior colors they didn’t choose because of how long siding lasts.

Homeowners are turning to bolder colors to achieve unique curb appeal to the property and make it a desirable place to be. Now is their chance to make their home stand out, and bold, dark colors do just that.

Reasons to Go Bold with Your Siding

If you aren’t sure whether dark blue siding is right for you, consider these reasons why homeowners are choosing bold, dark colors.

1. A Personal Touch

With so many white homes on the market now, light colors tend to be commonplace. But dark and bold colors stand out. All homes within an entire neighborhood can have neutral siding colors. So a homeowner with bold, dark siding will stand out and be more personal.

Homeowners who want to express their style and be different find that going bold is the best way to do it. Now, when someone comes to visit you can just say look for the dark blue house instead of being really specific about how many mailboxes they should pass before coming to yours.

Dark Blue Siding

2. Appropriate for Any Architecture Type

Dark colors can work with any architecture type. So if you’re worried a bold statement won’t work for your home, know that there is likely a color combination that will still fit the style of your home.

Whether your home is Victorian, farmhouse, contemporary or classic, you can make a dark siding color work while ensuring effective curb appeal.

3. Landscaping Stands Out

When your home is dark and bold, it allows your landscaping to stand out. Viewers will see the lush landscape around your home thanks to the deep-colored backdrop. Bright flowers will really pop as will other types of bushes.

Some homeowners choose to go with a brightly colored front door to go alongside their dark siding, such as sky blue to accent their landscaping colors.

You can create a true rainbow in your flowerbeds using a variety of plants and flowers. For those who love gardening, this is a fun way to make it all stand out.

4. Warmer Homes in the Winter

Darker colors absorb heat from the sun, which means that dark-colored homes will attract and retain heat in the winter months. That’s one reason why dark homes are popular in northern cities. 

Allow the Professionals to Do It

5. A Luxurious Appearance

Dark homes offer an upscale appearance since they are elegant. This can give a more high-end appearance to your home, which can make it seem classier and more luxe. That might mean higher resale value if you plan to sell in the next few years, making dark, bold colors a prime choice.

Dark Blue Siding Color Pairings

As you work to create the ideal home exterior, consider these color pairings that make dark blue siding stand out.

1. White Trim

The large contrast between your siding and trim will provide a saturated appearance and allow your siding to really stand out.

2. Wood Accents

Another great pairing for blue siding is wood, which can bring texture and layers to the design. Wood can also bring warmth to the deep home’s exterior. Consider pairing your dark blue siding with wood shutters or sections of wood paneling.

3. Copper Gutters

You’ll find many reasons to go with copper gutters but when your home is a dark blue, it will also offer a stunning accent color. Use copper for your gutters and light fixtures, especially on homes with natural wood elements to bring out those earthy tones. If your home has awnings, you could also use copper there to bring it all together.

4. Stone Accents

The contrast between the dark siding and light colors of natural stone will create a stunning contrast that looks great together. Natural stone also tends to have some blue undertones to it, which makes the two elements come together nicely to create a clean, attractive appearance.

5. Dark Accents

Pairing bold with bold can work well on homes. Using black trim or other dark colors can create a moody appearance that makes your home distinctive. This pairing is one you have to be a bit more careful with as it only works on certain home sizes and styles. But when it does work, it creates quite a unique appearance and can look great on some of the more wooded lots found in more rural Seattle areas.

Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Blue Siding Options

As you evaluate whether blue siding is the right move for your home, review these commonly asked questions to find an ideal exterior that matches your styles and preferences.

Is Dark Blue Siding Popular?

Dark blue siding is a popular choice. But don’t worry, you have many shades to choose from to keep your home unique despite the popularity this trend presents.

Is Dark Siding Trendy?

Dark siding colors are trendy because they have a dramatic effect and can make a home stand out with curb appeal.

Is Dark Blue a Good Exterior House Color?

Blue exteriors look great in a variety of settings. From large, wooded lots to warm stone or brick surroundings, it’s sure to be charming and classic. But if you aren’t sure whether the color is right for you, consider testing the paint color in a visible place on your home to see whether you like it as well as you think you will.

Professional Design Advice

Selecting your home’s exterior appearance can feel challenging and even overwhelming. Get professional design advice from the experts at 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing. Our consultants will meet with you to discuss your goals for your siding upgrade and help you choose accent colors and elements that will make your home distinctive and beautiful.
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