What to Consider Before Buying Vinyl Siding

Published on: July 29, 2019

Vinyl house siding is an affordable and low maintenance choice for glamming up your home exterior. Available in different patterns and style, vinyl siding is durable and requires little maintenance. Besides, it reduces home heating and cooling costs as it avoids heat loss between the wall studs in exteriors walls. No wonder that it was the most common exterior material used in over 32% houses across the USA.

While it is the right decision to get vinyl siding installed, there are many things to consider before choosing vinyl siding. From colors, prices and energy efficiency to type, there are considerations to keep in mind while choosing vinyl siding.

Consider Climatic Condition of Your Area:

Is your area prone to extreme heat or cold, high winds, hail or frequent storms? If so, look for the siding that can withstand all these weather elements. Go for weather tested vinyl siding that can endure harsh elements. Insulated siding or siding with foam is energy efficient and withstands mildew and mold. As an added bonus, it won’t fade, warp, crack or dent.

Consider Your Personal Taste and Home Architecture as Well:

While vinyl siding gives your home a sophisticated look, make sure to choose the one according to your personal taste as well as the architecture of your home. The batten vertical vinyl siding carries the charm of the 19th century. Cedar vinyl siding is another popular option and is available in wood grain, scalloped rounds, and rough cut snakes. It will give your home a Victorian or coastal New England appearance. Cedar creates a magnificent effect when combing with other vinyl sidings. Wood grain vinyl siding like wood bark wood-grain is a perfect addition to any home where a wood exterior is required. To minimize the appearance of a seam, you can go for extra-long vinyl siding.

Traits to Look for in Vinyl Siding:

Product Thickness

Thicker products are more durable and can withstand the knocks. Average vinyl siding comes with the thickness of 0.045” with thinner versions around 0.040 and thicker product at 0.054” thick.

Double Nailing Hem

Double nailing hem makes the panel stronger and less vulnerable to flexing and sagging. It also protects it from the knock of high winds.

Deeper Panel Projection

vinyl siding consider deeper panel projection

Also known as deeper lap profiles, deeper panel projection provides bolder shadow lines giving a wonderful look of real wood. The deeper the panel projection is, the better the vinyl siding is.

Foam Backing

This feature makes the panel more durable, offering some insulating value and can add to the panel’s appearance.

Wind Speed Rating

Wind speed rating means the ability of the siding to resist high winds without being knocked off. A higher rating means the siding is effective at withstanding winds.


Unlike wood, vinyl requires no paint. However, it is not safe to say that vinyl is maintenance free. It should be washed annually to maintain its fresh appearance. It comes with its own maintenance issues.

Moisture beneath the vinyl siding will trigger the growth of mold and mildew and insect infestations as well. Left untreated, the dampness can blister pain and wallpaper inside the home. Therefore, a homeowner requires to fix joints between the vinyl siding and adjacent trim as well as roof leaks, faulty gutter and other sources of moisture.

If you own an old home with all these issues, vinyl siding may not be a great option for you.


It costs an average of about $4 a square foot when it comes to installing vinyl siding. Then, moldings, soffits and trimming work around doors and windows can lead to an additional cost of $3-$6 per linear foot. And the cost of vinyl siding installer or contractor varies. The removal of old siding may cost you $1000 to $ 3000. Besides, the prices of colors vary—pay more for exotic and rare colors.

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