The Complete Guide to Blue Siding Colors: Wood, Vinyl, Fiber Cement and Aluminum

Published on: October 22, 2023

Whether you’re considering wood, vinyl, fiber cement or aluminum materials to replace your home’s siding, you’ll face a large decision about the best color combinations for your home. While it isn’t neutral, blue siding colors offer a pleasing, widely accepted shade for your home with outstanding resale value and charm. See our Blue Siding Colors Guide below.

But even once you decide you want blue for your siding, you face another decision in what shade and accent colors to use.   

Here, you’ll find a full guide to blue shades and color combinations that create excellent curb appeal while also protecting the resale value of your home, even if you aren’t considering selling right now. 

Blue Siding Colors for Farmhouse Style

If you have a farmhouse-style home, one of your largest concerns when selecting exterior colors and designs might be maintaining that style. Know that blue works well for preserving a farmhouse style. 

Light Blue Siding

Going with a lighter shade of blue for your farmhouse-style home often works well. When paired with white accents, it brings out the features that make a home fit the style. But you’ll want to keep it fairly simple, using one shade of siding. You can mix siding styles, such as lap and vertical to highlight various exterior features, but don’t plan to mix shades or even material types on your home. A light grey roof also looks great with this shade of blue.

Saturated Blue Siding

You don’t have to use a muted color on your farmhouse-style home. Allow it to stand out on your block with a saturated blue. As you evaluate the best shade, consider a coastal blue, classic blue or lapis blue. Consult your siding contractor about the leading manufacturers for your selected siding materials. 

For example, if you’re choosing fiber cement, 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing recommends James Hardie. One of its most pleasing blue colors is evening blue, which it recommends pairing with arctic white trim and iron gray accents. 

You can get evening blue in a variety of styles, including shingles, vertical siding and plank lap. James Hardie materials hold their color well to keep your deep blue house looking classy for years to come in a way wood siding cannot.

It can help you accomplish a sophisticated farmhouse appearance for your home that you’ll love pulling up to at the end of the day. 

Blue Siding Options for Modern Homes

Vinyl Siding Installation Idaho

Often, people fall into the trap of thinking that modern homes require neutral-colored siding. That’s why you see so many modern homes with white, grey or brown siding. Your home can have more character and color while still pulling off the modern style.

Mixed Shades of Blue

One way to use color on your modern home is to pair two contrasting shades of blue. A popular color for this is Summit Blue. The dark, bold color almost looks dark grey in some lighting. Pair it with a much lighter shade of blue for a neat modern appearance. Just be careful to not go too crazy with your accent colors because too many colors and shades can take away from the simplistic modern design you’re working to accomplish. 

Outerspace Blue

This shade of blue looks like a dark grey but in various lighting, you can pick up the deep shades of blue. Pair it with crisp black or dark grey accents for an incredible modern home. It also looks great with simple designs and lots of hardscaping and softscaping surrounding it. Allow a patio or porch to be the focal point of your modern home by highlighting it with your accent colors.

Naval Blue

Another deep blue color that looks great on modern homes is naval. It’s such a dark and deep color that it comes through with neat purple undertones that can highlight colors from landscaping and other exterior features. Without a doubt, it’s a daring color. But when paired well with other exterior features, the bold choice can really pay off. 

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Blue Siding Options for Traditional Homes

There’s something so charming about a traditional home. Blue siding can maintain that charm while giving the home a little extra character. 

Cool Blue

This lighter shade of blue pairs stunningly with dark and light accents. You can paint woodwork or trim white and offset the cool blue and white with dark shutters, such as a deep navy or even dark grey. Light grey roofing pairs well with these colors as does a light grey stone if you want to incorporate various materials. Make your front door eye-catching by using a dark accent color that matches your shutters as if to say “Come on in.”

Deep Ocean

A James Hardie color, deep ocean is a stark contrast from cool blue. It is deep and looks great on traditional or classic homes. Some words that define this color include distinctive, bold, unique and refined, according to the siding manufacturer. It pairs well with arctic white or pearl gray trim for a distinct home appearance that will stand out in your neighborhood and make people take notice.

Any Blue Shade with White Accents

When it comes to a traditional home style, you can pair just about any shade of blue with white and still accomplish the style. The crisp, clean white creates a clean appearance. When using white accents, don’t just consider white for the trim. Also use it for soffits, porches, stairs, railings, doors and more. You can still use additional textures, such as stone or shingles to make certain features on the home pop. But don’t go too crazy with mixing too many textures or colors on your traditional blue home.

How Trim Colors Change the Appearance of Your Siding

Given that blue siding comes in so many shades, take some time to evaluate how various accent or trim colors can impact the appearance of your siding. Surrounding colors and textures will change how your blue appears on your home. Some ways your accent colors can impact the home’s blue appearance include making it appear:

  • Darker
  • Muted
  • Redder

And when considering your accent colors, don’t forget your roof. The roof is an often-overlooked exterior feature when blending exterior colors to create the ideal appearance. Other considerations include the foundation, stone or brick accents.

When choosing exterior colors, you’re truly designing your home and there is so much you can do with the exterior colors to make everything come together to create the ideal exterior. You can’t just select a siding color you like. Work with a professional who can help you understand how it all comes together.

Making it All Come Together

If you’ve never studied home exteriors or color theory, making the exterior of a home all come together to create the appearance you want can be complex. And while you might like the various colors on their own, once they come together you might not be happy with the final look or curb appeal.

2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing experts know how to create the ideal exterior appearance based on your home’s style and features. Schedule your free in-home estimate now to get your project started and improve your curb appeal and resale value.

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