How to Protect Your Pacific Northwest Home with Quality Storm Doors

Published on: April 20, 2022

In the pacific northwest, homes tend to get hit pretty hard by storms. Wind and rain that pelt your home can wear down the materials and lead to leaks and integrity problems for your home. Quality storm doors can provide added protection while also adding the convenience of more natural light in your home and air circulation on nice days.

If you’re updating a home in Washington state, you’ll want to learn all about what a storm door is and why you might consider adding one to protect your home.

What Are Storm Doors?

Storm doors are outer doors that homeowners install to protect the home from bad weather. It also allows for improved home ventilation during nice days as well as a way to welcome more natural light into your entryway when you want it. 

storm doors

Most storm doors come with interchangeable or retractable glass and screen panels to get the functionality you want out of the door. You’ll find these doors in many sizes, which means they can match up with your existing front door without any changes or adjustments.

Most storm doors have three layers: a front and back glass panel with an interior screen layer that allows you to open it up and welcome outside air to flow into your home, just like your windows.

What Is a Storm Door Used For?

A storm door can serve many purposes. If you’re considering adding one of these doors, read up on the ways it serve your home.

  • Protects your main entry door from snow, ice, rain and wind damage.
  • Insulates your home from air leaks by keeping warm air in and cold air out.
  • Allows light into your entryway during nice days.
  • Provides improved ventilation in your home due to the ability to allow outside air inside using the built-in screen.
  • Creates a good view outside to watch pets, children or prepare for guests who are arriving. If you are planning a party, you can open your main door to invite people in and help them know they’ve made it to the right house.

The benefits of storm doors are many in helping you protect and enjoy your home to the fullest. And if you don’t currently have a storm door installed in your home, you can add one easily. 

What Style Do Storm Doors Come In?

Storm doors are available in a variety of styles to match the look of your home as well as the functionality you hope to get from the storm door. Here’s a look at some of the styles available.

Full View

These doors feature glass all the way down the door but with two panels so that you can open the glass to expose the screen and let the outside air in. They provide the greatest amount of natural light.

Low-E High-Performance Glass

These doors are not as popular in the Pacific Northwest since they focus more on providing sunlight protection to your home and homes in Washington don’t get as much sun as those in other areas. These doors have a full view as well but with Low-E glass.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Beveled Glass Storm Doors

The beveled glass will add a level of elegance to your home and tons of curb appeal. These doors can come in full view, midview or high view but look best as full view because the bevel can go all the way around the door.


The lower portion of these doors is not made of glass. That means that you can’t see through this part of the door, but it’s generally not a huge detraction because it’s at the bottom. You’ll still have outstanding views of the outside while protecting your home.


Much like mid view storm doors, high view storm doors do not have glass all the way down. They only have one glass panel at the top and the lower panel is all solid door. 

Additional Storm Door Options

You have additional options when it comes to your storm doors. These include:

  • Installing blinds between the panels to provide additional options for how to use the doors and visibility into your home.
  • Storm door colors are often neutrals, such as taupe, brown and black. However, you can also find some that come in neat colors like cranberry or green.
  • Storm door finishes can be aged bronze, antique brass, brass, brushed nickel, satin nickel, matte black, etc.
  • Pet doors can also be built into your storm door to allow animals to come and go as they please. These high-quality pet doors protect your home from rain and drafts and give you the option of when to allow your pet to come and go since it isn’t on the main door. You’ll have to have your entryway door open to allow the pet out still.
  • Closers provide you with options for how you can use your storm door. You can get a pneumatic closer that prevents the door from opening fast and can ensure it doesn’t open too far, hitting your siding or other exterior fixtures. These closer devices can also be used to hold the door open for large deliveries or welcoming guests.

Storm Door Pros and Cons

As you evaluate whether a storm door might be right for your home, read up on these pros and cons to learn more. Storm doors are not for every home and homeowner. Make sure you know tons about these doors before installing.

storm doors


  • Ventilate your home during nice weather
  • See outside and monitor activity near your home
  • Allow more natural light inside, especially in entryways
  • Protect your home’s main entry door from the elements
  • Many options and styles available to increase your home’s curb appeal


  • During especially warm days, heat can build up between your storm door and entry door, which can cause damage to the entry door
  • If your main entrance is under an overhang or covered porch, you probably don’t need the storm door
  • Can make entering and exiting the home more challenging, especially if you’re carrying something or coming home with young children

How Do I Install a Storm Door?

Door installation is not a do-it-yourself project for the average homeowner. You really need to know what you’re doing to protect your home properly and ensure you don’t harm the integrity of your home’s exterior features.

One wrong move and your door could have issues opening and closing properly or you could mess with the installation of your siding or trim, which could allow moisture to get to the walls or foundation of your home.

Watch how to install a storm door to evaluate whether this activity fits with your skillset. And if it doesn’t, call up the experts at 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing. Our team is skilled at protecting the exterior of your home with high-quality services, impeccable materials and warranties that offer peace of mind to homeowners.

As a BBB-accredited business that works with only the top manufacturers in the industry, you can rely on 2FL Windows & Siding for all your installation and door needs. When you’re ready to take the first step in adorning your home with one of our affordable replacement doors, give us a call! You can also fill out our online form now to request a free in-home estimate.

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