This Roof Color Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Published on: April 13, 2022

Want to make your house look larger? Light colors such as desert tan roof house colors can help add value to a smaller home by making it appear larger from the outside.

Choosing a roof color might seem inconsequential on the surface, but it’s actually extremely important to your home’s curb appeal and total value. Before purchasing shingles, consider these leading benefits of desert tan roofing.

Desert Tan Roof House Color Benefits

Desert Tan Roof

Unsure about whether a desert tan roof might be for you? Read up on these great benefits to learn more.

  • Increased home value due to making a small house appear larger
  • Less heat absorption on sunny days for improved energy efficiency
  • Complimentary to several popular siding colors
  • Can make Seattle-area homes look bright despite the overcast weather
  • Good color contrast for homes with darker siding colors
  • Offers a dramatic effect for homes with dark siding or trim
  • Serves as a neutral color for contemporary homes

Generally, this color of roofing is a combination of yellow and brown to reach the desired shade of tan. Additionally, manufacturers might add in some orange, blue, red or green to accomplish the hue that customers are looking for.

Desert tan is categorized as a warm neutral, which is a safe bet for a home color, whether that be for siding, roofing or trim. Nearly everyone finds these colors appealing and there are plenty of accent colors that go well with them.

You’ll find rich undertones of brown in the tan, which can help make your home feel cozier. But despite the warmth of the color, it’s still light and works well with white or cream trim.

The roofing color is extremely versatile, meeting the needs of a variety of home and architecture styles. How the color looks will be impacted by the amount of natural light that shines on the home or building. On sunny days, the roof will look warmer and lighter. But in the shade, you’ll see more of the natural undertones that make the home take on a slightly darker appearance.

What Color Siding Works Best with Tan Roofs?

If you aren’t planning to upgrade your siding and roof at the same time, you’ll want to pick a roofing color that works well with your existing siding. You also might want to think down the road about what color you hope to re-side your home with if you’re considering re-siding your home in the next 20-25 years, which is the life of your roof.

Homes with the following siding colors or planned siding colors work well with tan roofs.

  • Green or other earth tones
  • Stone
  • White

Unsure about what color roof will look good with your siding color? Talk to your roofing specialist or go online to visualize your home with our roofing partner CertainTeed

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Should I Install a Solid-Colored Shingle?

Even once you’ve decided the general color you want your home’s roof to be, you still have additional design decisions to make. These decisions include whether you’ll have a flat, solid-colored shingle or use a more premium shingle that has more variation to it.

Additionally, you can get architectural and designer shingles that add more dimension to your home and give it a more premium look compared to standard shingles.

Dimensional asphalt shingles are far more popular now than the standard, flat type. That’s due to the increased curb appeal of modern asphalt shingles.

But a big consideration for whether to use single-colored flat shingles is to look around your neighborhood and review your HOA requirements. You might be limited in your exterior housing options based on what’s outlined in your homeowners’ association. Or, your home might stick out in the neighborhood if it’s the only one with dimensional shingles.

Is Desert Tan the Most Popular Roofing Color?

Although desert sand is a popular up-and-coming roofing color, it is not the most popular color in recent years. The most popular colors for roofs are black, gray, brown and red. That’s because these shingles tend to hint at the original roofing materials of slate, metal, clay and wood. There’s something classic about roofs made from these materials. 

However, all neutral-colored roofs increase home value. The colors that can help increase the value of your home include tan, cream, gray, black and brown. 

You might be surprised to learn that the shingle color of 2021 was actually a red copper, according to Owens Corning. That paired with Aegean teal – the 2021 color of the year at Benjamin Moore – to provide a neat pairing that offered incredible texture and intrigue for roofing. 

Any type of tan roofing really shines in the fall as the trees change color. If fall is your favorite season and your existing home colors will work well with desert tan, you might more heavily consider this as your roofing color. 

How to Pick a Roof Color

Ultimately, you have to like the way your home looks as you pull up to it. While you can worry about resale value and what your neighbors think, you’re the most important critic and audience for your home.

Start by evaluating your favorite time of year for your home. Is it in the spring when your hanging baskets of flowers bring fresh color to the property? Or do you love the fall when the leaves add a backdrop, unlike anything you’ve ever imagined?

Take a photo of your home during this time of year, if you can. Then add that photo to a roofing visualizer to see what colors look best during your home’s best season. You might also consider taking a photo on a sunny day and on a cloudy day to get a better feel for how your home will look in different lighting. The visualizer won’t take this into account and vary the color of the roofing based on the lighting, but you’ll know how your home’s existing exterior colors shift in various lighting.

Pick your top two or three roofing colors. Then use our list of 7 time-saving questions to ask Seattle roofing contractors to find the best contractor near you. Work with their team of experts to decide which roof color and manufacturer will be best for your home.

Roof Color

Trustworthy and customer-focused roofing companies will take time to review your options with you and work through the various style choices. You should never feel rushed during a consultation or pressured into booking your new roof right away.

To experience a reliable low-pressure sales roofing contractor, schedule a free consultation with 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing.

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