Pros and Cons of Cascade WinPro Vinyl Windows

Published on: April 06, 2022

The Cascade WinPro series offers stunning, high-quality new and replacement vinyl window options. These windows come in a variety of styles and beat several leading competitors in price and affordability for most Seattle-based homeowners.

Cascade WinPro Vinyl Windows
Photo credit: Cascade Windows

2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing has been a long-term partner with Cascade Windows. We back their products with our installation warranties to create an outstanding combination of quality windows with impeccable workmanship.

Learn more about Cascade Windows and the WinPro series to explore whether these are right for your next window upgrade.

About Cascade WinPro Windows

Windows from the Cascade WinPro line offer a sleek look with excellent performance. But even with such high-quality materials and options, these windows offer exceptional value, which is why homeowners and window contractors recommend them.

They are incredibly energy efficient to further add to the cost-effectiveness of the window. Plus, Cascade knows and understands the Washington climate and how to make homes in the area comfortable and enjoyable for homeowners.

The streamlined profile of the windows offers a contemporary look while optimizing the views of your home’s exterior.

WinPro Series Options

These vinyl windows offer the styles that meet the needs of your home while also offering you the color and hardware choices to help you create the warmth and comfort you want in your home.

The windows come in three vinyl colors:

  • White
  • Almond
  • Clay

Pair those colors with the cap stock colors of bronze exterior or black exterior to meet the needs of your home. 

You can also choose the window’s hardware, which includes options for auto-lock, cam lock or WOCD vent stop. 

Windows can open vertically or slide horizontally to fit the space and shape requirements of your home. But you can also get windows that crank open. Design the perfect window size and shape to meet your home’s unique needs when standard windows simply won’t fit.

To get the appearance you want for your home, you also have several grid types to choose from with these windows, including:

  • Colonial
  • Top-only colonial
  • Valance
  • Perimeter
  • Border

When choosing grids, you can select just how bold you want them to be by selecting from thicknesses of pencil, slim, flat or sculptured grids.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Energy Efficiency of Cascade Windows

All WinPro series windows are dual pane glass. And you won’t have to worry about condensation because the windows use a warm edge spacer to help prevent moisture on the windows while also reducing heat loss and gain from the window glass. This helps seal the windows effectively while insulating them.

You also have 4 window glass coating options to further improve the energy efficiency of your new windows. 

  • EC: this is a dual coat of internal Low-E. It allows for greater light transmission while also increasing the window’s performance.
  • EC+: offers a triple internal Low-E coating that rejects heat from the sun but still allows for excellent viewing out the window. So you’ll get excellent natural light inside of your home while keeping heat out.
  • EC/AC Advanced: this coating provides a high-performance internal Low-E coating as well as a fourth surface Low-E.
  • EC+/EC Advanced: combines internal triple coat Low-E with fourth surface Low-E. This is the best combination for low solar heat gain and offers the best U-value.

Cost of Cascade Windows

One of the most attractive aspects of Cascade Windows is that they are affordable, cost-effective windows. The average whole-home replacement cost for Cascade is just $6,892 compared to Andersen’s 100 windows, which average $10,953.

It’s important when getting window estimates that you have someone come to your home and do window measurements. The cost of replacing your home’s windows will vary greatly based on the size and style of your windows.

Obtaining three or four quotes from various contractors on different window manufacturers and styles will give you the best comparison point for selecting a window contractor who can provide the best rate on the best windows. 

Cascade Windows are manufactured in Spokane, Washington, reducing the cost of transporting the windows and getting them to your home. And the windows come with a lifetime guarantee, proving that Cascade stands behind its products and designs high-quality windows that will enhance the enjoyment of your home year-round.

Cascade Windows
Photo credit: Cascade Windows

Cascade Window Review from Houzz

As homeowners look for the best windows for their home, one homeowner had this to say about their new Cascade Windows on Houzz.

“We just replaced windows with Cascade and chose them over JELD-WEN and Pella. They were less money than Home Depot or Lowes and far better windows. I LOVE them. However, we bought the vinyl and got the almond color – they almost have a greenish tint to them. My DH and I argued over the white vs. almond (he won). They look beautiful from the outside, but I’m having to do a bit of redecorating to blend the interior colors which I hadn’t fully thought through. As far as quality, looks, energy efficiency – I couldn’t be more pleased!”

Does Installation Matter for the Energy Efficiency of My Windows?

Yes, the quality of your window installation will have a large bearing on the performance and energy efficiency of your windows. Low-quality window contractors can leave gaps between your window and your home, which will create a drafty house. 

Even a small gap of a few millimeters can have a huge impact on how comfortable the area around your windows is.

You need to consider the quality of both the window you select and the contractor who installs those windows. Don’t just look for the lowest cost option as this could lead to issues for your home and its integrity.

Our team uses the best materials and techniques to provide you with a comfortable, attractive home. Our patented installation method passes stringent AAMA pressure tests for both water and air so that your windows can withstand 120 MPH wind-driven rain. We call it the Rain Jacket Flashing System and it’s one reason why Seattle-area homeowners and businesses seek out our experts for their window replacement needs.

But that’s not the only reason why 2FL has been screened and approved by HomeAdvisor for 10 years and was awarded the best of HomeAdvisor in 2021. We also use low-pressure sales to help educate consumers and allow them to make informed decisions about their home, the materials we use and the contractor that is best for the job.

With more than 20 years in business, we know the Seattle area well and offer services throughout Tacoma, Poulsbo, Tacoma, Bellevue, Snoqualmie and Spokane. 

Schedule your free window estimate today for reliable contractors you can trust to have in your home.

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