Green Siding House Colors Your Neighbors Will Covet

Published on: January 04, 2024

Green is one of the most peaceful and serene colors out there so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular color for home designs. Take some time to learn more about green, its qualities and why many homeowners are opting for green siding house colors.

Reasons to Choose Green Siding for Your House

The color green is well known as one that signals peace, safety and stability. It’s a color that signifies life and vitality. Yet it is also attractive and provides a sense of calm and rest, which is exactly what you want when you drive up to your home. So here’s a look at several reasons why homeowners choose green siding.

1. Fits Well in a Nature Setting

Homes set in nature are great candidates for green siding. That’s because it fits in well with trees, bushes, shrubs and natural elements without looking like it is trying to blend in. If you live in a neighborhood with mature trees and stunning foliage, your home is a great candidate for green siding. So you don’t need to have acres of land or live in a secluded area to think of your home as being part of a nature setting.

2. Offers a Sense of Calm

Because green has a shorter wavelength, it creates a cool, relaxing tone because your eyes don’t need long to adjust to the color like they do with longer wavelength colors. It’s known to create positive thinking, stress relief and have healing properties. That’s one reason why you often see green used in medical facilities.

3. Stands Out Among Earth Tones

Earth tones have long been popular siding colors. But most earth tones are boring and have minimal saturation. Think about greys, beiges and slates. Green offers a more saturated appearance while still being a natural earth tone that most people find pleasing.

That means if you’re looking for a color that buyers will find appealing if you plan to sell your home in the future, you should get a strong resale value from green siding as most people find it pleasing without being boring.

4. Can Be Bold Without Being Jarring

Using a heavily saturated green shade can help you go bold without the color appearing jarring. It’s nothing like red siding but it will still stand out from your neighbors. The accent colors you choose can also play up that boldness or help tone it down a bit with more neutrals.

Home Designs Using Green Siding

Starting to consider green as the color for your home’s exterior? Evaluate these design ideas and color pairings to accomplish the ideal appearance for your home.

1. Forest Green

This dark green is classic and looks excellent on traditional homes. The color is dark and somber and pairs well with burgundy or grey. You can mix in some brick accents to get that burgundy hue or include it in your landscaping or roofing. It also looks great with white trim because of the stark contrast between the bright white and dark green make the home really come to life.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

2. Dried Thyme

Imagine the muted appearance of dried thyme and you can likely picture what this siding color looks like on a home. It features grey and khaki undertones to pair stunningly well with wood accents.

This is a more muted green meaning more homeowners find it pleasing to look at since it isn’t so bold or saturated. If you have brickwork on your home, the more muted color tends to bring out some of the undertones within the stone as well. 

3. Sage

Want an even lighter shade of green? Sage can help soften a home’s angles and help it blend in with its surroundings. It looks great with other neutral colors for accents or even dark grey to provide a stronger contrast.

4. Green Siding with Black Trim

Whether you choose a saturated green or a more muted green, it looks incredible with black trim. If you want to make a bold statement, black trim can be the way to accomplish that. Whether you use black shutters or black window trim, you’ll find the two come together well.

A home with columns can make a bold statement with green siding and black columns and trim throughout the home’s exterior. You can still allow your windows to be a bright spot with white window trims but black exterior trim around them. This is one way to blend the two accent colors together to help make things pop just the right amount.

What Material Is Best for My Green House Siding?

Green Siding House

Even once you’ve landed on a color combo you love for your home, you might be wondering whether green vinyl siding, wood or fiber cement will work best with your home’s style and appearance.

Many outstanding manufacturers offer green siding with stunning shades directly from the factory. 

James Hardie (Fiber Cement)

2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing is an Elite Preferred Contractor for James Hardie. That means that our installation team meets the rigorous standards the manufacturer sets for the best installation quality.

And when it comes to greens, you’ll love what this siding company has to offer. One of its most popular green shades is mountain sage. It’s a mid-green tone, which means it isn’t overly saturated or terribly muted. It blends in beautifully with the home’s surroundings to offer a lively neutral color. Pair this trim color with arctic white trim or light beige for a way to make it all come together nicely. 

James Hardie explains this color as soft, natural, earthy and understated. And you can get it in shingles, panel vertical, plank lap or trim boards to accomplish any appearance you want.

Kaycan Vinyl Siding

Kaycan is a local siding company that offers high-quality vinyl options. Its evergreen siding evokes memories of mossy trails and pots of fresh herbs. The color is inviting, earthy and ideal for a variety of home colors. 

You can set your home’s tone with the trim and accent colors you choose. Kaycan recommends pairing evergreen siding with the following colors: white, clay or pecan trim; sage, cabot brown or canvas accents.

It also offers willow green, which was a trending color for 2021. It goes well with white, beige or ivory trim as well as camel, castlemore or evergreen accents. You can learn more about its color options alongside recommendations for trim and accent colors in the Color Selector Kit or review a list of its color options.

Expert Advice for Your Washington State Home

Choosing a siding color is challenging. There’s so much to consider about your neighborhood, landscaping and more when deciding what color will fit best and accomplish your goals. That’s where having an expert who can guide you is invaluable.

2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing offers an obligation-free in-home estimate. We’ll take measurements, review your home’s features and help you make an informed decision about the best next steps for your home. Schedule your free consultation now.

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