Green Siding Color – Stunning Combinations

Published on: May 15, 2023

Over the last several years, green siding color has grown in popularity immensely. And given that it’s an earth tone, that isn’t entirely surprising. Plus, with many shades to choose from, you can enjoy a well-saturated green or a more subtle nature-inspired green.

The options are nearly endless. Some shades are also timeless, so while you’ll be jumping on board with the trend of a greenhouse, it won’t look outdated in a decade when the next trend hits. Here’s a look at the most popular exterior green shades and the colors that pair stunningly with them for trim, roofing, landscaping, and more.

Green Siding Color Combinations

Here’s a look at how to pair a variety of shades of green with stunning trim, wood, and other features to create a home you can’t wait to drive up to.

1. Deep Blue-green

This earth tone ranked as one of the top Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors of 2021, and it’s easy to see why. Cascades is a deep blue-green that makes a statement. It pairs well with neutrals or more subdued colors. Think soft white, natural stone, and wood. Its calls back to nature make it ideal for homes with lots of landscaping or wooded settings. It also looks great with black window frames, which are also quite popular currently.

2. Deep Forest Green

For a dramatic effect, go with deep forest green. While it is a dark color, it still provides a rich green that helps white trim and accents pop. Modern homes are a great fit for deep forest green. Or if you want to do a little color contrasting, you can use black accents or a nearly black forest green. It also pairs well with natural wood given its closeness to nature.

3. Black Forest Green

If you want a deep color with subtle green undertones, black forest green is for you. It is a complex color but can make a real statement because of how dark it is. You’ll want to create good contrast when using black forest green for your siding to help lighten things up. Lots of exterior lights can also help keep it light. Lush landscaping will help draw out the green undertones so your home doesn’t look black.

4. Dried Thyme

Lighten up your home with dried thyme. The color has some shades of khaki and grey in it, which help the siding color look great with wood accents. The color is much softer than the deeper greens we’ve covered thus far. To bring out the grey, go with a medium grey roof or some slate-colored paving tiles to accent your garden. And of course, lean into using lots of greenery in your landscaping to pair beautifully with the siding color.

5. Sussex Green

For a warmer green, go with Sussex green. It’s a subtle color that fits well on homes in nature settings. It pairs well with natural accents. Modern homes are a great fit for this color. And because it is a lighter color, it pairs well with darker woods to give you even more options for the type of wood you use on your home.

6. James Hardie Neighborhood Park

Fiber cement siding from James Hardie is a popular siding material that looks great on a variety of homes. While it boasts a similar appearance to the wood, it has a much simpler maintenance routine and doesn’t require painting nearly as often.

Neighborhood Park is a mid-range earthy green. When paired with white accents, it offers much curb appeal. Given its earth tones, it also pairs well with brick and wood.

7. Olive

Green Siding Exterior Color Combinations

If you’re looking for an earth tone with green undertones, olive is a great option. The brown-green hue offers a warm exterior with plenty of depth. It pairs well with natural wood. White framed windows really pop because of the contrast. It also goes well with stone. So if you’ve always wanted a stone walkway and front porch, this is a great color to pair with it.

8. Summer Sage

This is another color that James Hardie offers that has nice green hues without being too bold. It is an earth tone that can help soften a home’s exterior. It works well with modern homes that have hard angles you don’t want to accentuate with darker colors. 

And because of its green undertones, it blends well into homes set in lots with plenty of trees. The color is nature inspired and will age well as trends change. You can pair it with deep bronze or light pewter depending on whether you want bold or soft accents.

9. Sage Mountain

For a timeless color, go with the sage mountain. This shade is warm and inviting. It looks great on transitional homes when paired with copper or wood accents. You might also consider black as an accent color because it provides a strong contrast with this shade of sage.

10. Neutral with Green Undertones

There are plenty of rich neutrals that have green undertones, like Sherwin Williams’ Anonymous. The shade is almost khaki but then you notice it’s green undertones that draw you into a look a little longer. The color is warm and calls you back to nature. It pairs well with brick or stucco as well as wood accents. Deep grey which is almost black also helps build some contrast with the more neutral siding color.

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Green Exterior Benefits

Wondering whether going with a green exterior makes sense for you? Learn some of the benefits this color can have and the feelings it will likely evoke every time you pull up to your home.

  • Evokes feelings of rest and harmony
  • Is easy on the eyes
  • Is a bridge between primary and secondary colors
  • Light green offers energy and refreshment
  • Dark green provides a more serious, intense tone
  • Various shades look great on a variety of home styles, including modern or contemporary homes

Finding the Shade of Green That’s Right for Your Home

Every home’s natural lighting is different. What might look great as a siding color on your neighbor’s home might look darker on your home because of the time of day the most daylight hits your siding.

Before updating your home’s exterior, you should review virtual renderings or do a small test section of that color on your existing siding. This will help you visualize the color and see how well it pairs with your favorite materials, such as wood, copper, stucco, or brick.

You also need to consider existing colors on your home if you aren’t doing a full overhaul. For example, if you recently installed new windows or roofing, you’ll want to ensure those exterior colors fit well with your preferred siding color.
If you’re looking for expert insights on how to update and upgrade your home’s exterior with new siding, windows, or roofing, contact 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing. Our team has helped countless homeowners throughout the Puget Sound and Spokane, Washington, areas create stunning home exteriors with curb appeal that will look great for decades.

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