Make Your Neighbors Jealous with These Nu-Ray Metal Colors

Published on: February 07, 2022

When you decide to install a metal roof on your home or commercial building, you’re committing to that roof for the next 40-70 years. We work with Nu-Ray Metals for high-quality roofing and siding products that we know will stand the test of time for our customers. And while that kind of durability is great, you want to make sure you’re choosing the best Nu-Ray metal colors based on the area, its weather and the design trends.

Choosing colors for your home’s exterior is always important. But it is even more important when you’re committing to the color choices for the duration you’ll own your home or perhaps even the rest of your life.

So here’s how to choose the best Nu-Ray Metal colors for a home or building in Washington state.

Nu-Ray Metals
Nu-Ray Metals

Ultimately, the best roofing and siding colors are the ones that make you happy and excited to pull up to your home. But you don’t want to have buyer’s remorse on something so huge. So here are some thoughts on the best roofing and siding colors for homes in Washington.

Best Metal Siding Colors

Your home’s siding is one of the first things that someone will see or think about when they approach your home. So you want to make sure you select the best color that will be timeless and ensure curb appeal for the duration of your siding’s lifetime. Here’s a look at some of the top colors that have stood the test of time.

  • Indigo: this home color is somewhat trendy right now, but it’s always been an appealing home color. Using this shade of blue allows you to have a vibrant color for your home, but one that is always in style and attractive.
  • Wrought iron: this color has hues of blue to it without being in your face. It’s a lighter navy in a sense and looks outstanding with white accents.
  • Shale: this neutral color is unlikely to go out of style but also offers many accent color options to get the look you want.
  • Slate: gray is always in high demand because it is a neutral color option.
  • Smoke: this color is inspired by nature and has a rich earth tone to it, making it highly appealing.
  • Sable brown: if you aren’t careful, brown siding can look drab. But you won’t find anything drab about sable brown. It’s appealing and bright to make your home distinctive.
  • Willow: hues of green tend to speak to nature and can offer a classic look. This color won’t be right for every neighborhood, but you’ll find it’s perfect for homes surrounded by woods or other nature-like settings.

Best Metal Roof Colors

As many homeowners look to make their homes more energy-efficient, lighter colors have become far more popular in recent years because they reflect the sun’s heat to avoid overheating. The heat from the sun is not as large of a factor in Washington as it is in other areas of the country. But it’s still something you should keep in mind as you evaluate your options.

As you look at your options, here are some popular Nu-Ray Metal colors for roofs in Washington based on the type of home or neighborhood you live in.

  • Homes in forest settings: earth tons are much more popular in these areas so think green or brown
  • Marine environments: use colors with nautical influence, such as those with blue undertones or browns and grays that remind the viewer of driftwood
  • Southwestern or Mediterranean-style homes: these homes tend to favor look-alike clay or cement tiles because that’s what you would see in a warm, dry climate where these style homes originated
  • Urban areas: homes in these areas tend to use sophisticated colors, such as black or gray

Allow the Professionals to Do It

The most popular metal roof colors that we install include those that look like weathered wood, driftwood and charcoal. These colors are easy on the eyes and tend to coordinate well with a variety of attractive siding colors. 

As you evaluate your roof color, you should try to think about what will fit in with your neighborhood. You don’t want your home to stick out and look awkward among your neighbors. While you want a distinctive look that makes your home unique, you don’t want to be too unique, especially if you are considering selling your home in the next decade and want to ensure you get the best resale value.

Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

Sadly, you can’t just pick a siding color that you like and then a roofing color you find appealing. You want to think about how these two elements of your home will come together to provide curb appeal and a great overall look to your home. You have several options when choosing roof and siding color combinations.

  • High contrast: the farmhouse craze has made high contrast options even more popular. But don’t worry, this color combination was popular long before that craze ever began. Think about something like charcoal siding with a matte black roof. 
  • Coastal colors: if your home sits along the Washington coastline, you might consider getting a light-colored metal roof that has blue or green hues. Or go with a more neutral color like light stone or almond if you’re using a coastal blue for your siding.
  • Bright: some homeowners want their homes to look bright and inviting. You might consider an evergreen roof with sable brown siding. While the colors are bright, they aren’t anything crazy like red. 
  • Earth tones: these tend to be the most popular colors because they are conservative and never go out of style. You can add pops of color to your home through shutters, doors or trim where you’re more likely to change out those elements sooner than you would roofing or siding. Think grays, greens, browns and beige.
  • One-on-one combinations: these are not as popular but they can work on some homes. In this case, you’d just select a similar color for your roofing and siding but maybe have them be one shade off from one another. Just be careful that you don’t make your home drab and uninviting. This combination option can make a home with unique architecture showcase its beauty without flashy colors though.

Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing or Siding

If you’re feeling nervous about committing to roofing and siding colors long-term and that’s making you unsure about choosing metal roofing or siding, think about these important benefits.

Nu-Ray Metals
  • Long-lasting
  • Up to 40% energy cost savings
  • Up to 35% lower homeowners insurance costs
  • Recoup the cost when reselling your home
  • Durable to withstand heavy wind and rain
  • Safe from wildfires or lightning strikes
  • Environmentally friendly since metal roofs come from a majority of recycled materials and can be recycled again once you’re done with it

Take some time to review the Nu-Ray Metals color chart. The materials come with a 40-year limited warranty to provide long-term protection for your home. You’ll find a color that matches your interests and the style of your home. 

Unsure about how to pick winning combinations for your roofing and siding? Work with a 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing expert. Our team has been helping homeowners select the best materials, colors and styles for their homes for decades now. We’ll help you during your free in-home consultation.

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  2. […] Make Your Neighbors Jealous with These Nu-Ray Metal Colors […]

  3. […] Make Your Neighbors Jealous with These Nu-Ray Metal Colors […]

  4. […] Make Your Neighbors Jealous with These Nu-Ray Metal Colors […]

  5. […] Make Your Neighbors Jealous with These Nu-Ray Metal Colors […]

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