How to Evaluate Roofing Companies

Published on: June 08, 2021

If you search for roofing companies near me, you’ll probably get about a dozen or more results. And with so many options, how can you possibly pick one roofing contractor that’s right for your home?

Because roofs have a long life (generally 20-25 years), most homeowners have little experience choosing roofing companies. So when the time comes to find a trustworthy contractor, homeowners feel overwhelmed and put off the important home maintenance activity of replacing the roof. 

Before you start feeling overwhelmed, gather up some information and start ranking your options based on how well they fit the following criteria. You can choose a roofing company with peace of mind once you do your research and know what you’re looking for.

6 Roofing Company Evaluation Metrics

roofing company evaluation metrics

Now that you know what roofing companies are near you, you’re ready to take the next step in evaluating these companies. Here are seven evaluation metrics to guide you in ranking the contractors in your area.

1. Location

The closer that your roofing company is located to your home, the faster the service you’re likely to get. That’s not always the case as some companies are overextended and unable to be responsive. But generally shorter travel times contribute to a better experience with a contractor. The less that a contractor has to travel for a job, the easier it will be for them to complete.

2. Time in Business

Take a look at how long the roofing company has been in business. You don’t want anyone with less than three years of experience up on your roof. The more time in business, the more experience the team will have with various challenges and roofing types. 

3. Insurance

Good contractors have strong liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies. The liability insurance provides coverage in case anything happens to your home in the course of replacing your roof. Without this coverage, homeowners can be left with the bill for such damage. And if a worker gets injured on your property, workers’ compensation insurance ensures their needs are met. Otherwise, you might have to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance to cover the injuries to workers on your property. Discuss insurance coverage with the contractor before deciding whether they make the shortlist for your roofing project.

roofing contractors insurance

4. License

Washington State requires that contractors carry a valid license. You can validate a company’s licensure by visiting the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Licensing and Permits section. Once you look up a contractor, you’ll also be able to see their insurance coverage and other relevant information about their standing in the industry.

5. References

Ask the contractor for some references to see how well customers enjoy working with them. The younger the business, the more important this step will be in evaluating roofing companies. View photos of the work the contractor has recently completed for even more proof of their skills and abilities. When gathering references, ask for at least 10. You want to make sure the company doesn’t have just a couple of satisfied customers that they use as references regularly.

6. Warranty

Look into warranties on the work the company provides. There are two aspects to warranties in the roofing industry. The first is from the shingles manufacturer who covers the materials from defects or failure to withstand the elements as they should. The other warranty you want to review is that of the contractor who guarantees their installation work for a set period. 

Rank your options based on these criteria and start the process of obtaining quotes and meeting with the top three companies on your list. Once you learn more about the contractors, you can further evaluate your options based on the following criteria.

Other Ways to Evaluate Roofing Companies

roofing contractor

Those six evaluation criteria will help you find trustworthy contractors you can feel good about having on your roof. But there are some characteristics of a good roofing company that the industry can’t teach or dictate. 

These criteria are the nice-to-have aspects of roofing companies and make it more enjoyable to work with the company. Here’s how to further evaluate your options once you know what companies meet the standard industry requirements.

1. Products/Manufacturers Offered

You don’t want the cheapest shingles on your roof or you’ll have to repeat this process far earlier than necessary. Make sure that the roofing companies you’re considering offer products and manufacturers that offer high-quality protection for your home. And if you have questions about what’s best, ask the contractors during their quote visit. They should be able to offer you options so you can select the budget and protection you need for your home.

2. Price Quote

Obtaining three quotes from various companies in your area will help you weigh the pros and cons of working with each. If a company comes in super low, that’s not a great sign. It can be tempting to book that contractor to save some money but realize that it probably means they aren’t offering the same quality as other companies might. But also look for how pushy the salespeople are when they come out to provide the quote. If it feels like they’re desperate for your business or they put too much pressure on you to decide and book their services right then and there, it’s probably not a good sign and you will likely not enjoy the process of working with them in general.

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3. Billing Procedure

Some contractors require full payment for their services at the time of booking. As a homeowner, that gives you no leverage to set standards or demand revisions during the services. All contractors need to take some payment upfront to cover the expense of materials and secure you space on their calendar. But payment in full before rendering services is not a good policy and one that should send up a red flag for you.

4. Customer Service

Evaluate the ease of working with the roofing contractor. Do they take their time explaining things to you and answering your questions? Or are they quick to get off the phone and complete your in-home estimate as quickly as possible to move onto the next job? You shouldn’t feel like just any client. You should feel cared for and like you’re well-informed about what to expect when working with the roofing company. The better customer service you receive, the better your overall experience will be with the company.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor Near Seattle, Washington

If you’re looking for a roofing company near Seattle, Washington, 2FL Windows, Siding & Roofing will provide excellent customer service, a strong workmanship warranty and fair billing procedures to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our roofing installation work. For an in-home quote with no pressure or requirements to purchase our services that same day, contact us. We’ll get you scheduled for a convenient time to discuss your roofing needs.


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