Adding Visual Interest to Your Home with Hardie Vertical Siding

Published on: June 15, 2023

JamesHardie makes high-quality fiber cement siding. It mimics the appearance of wood without the challenging maintenance routine wood requires. And it offers diverse design options, such as incorporating Hardie vertical siding for visual interest.

You can use all vertical siding or combine it with plank lap siding to create an attractive and unique appearance. Learn more about this siding type and your options to find the best design that will create curb appeal for your home or business.

What Is Vertical Siding?

Vertical siding is what it sounds like. It’s siding that is attached to walls so that the boards are vertical instead of the standard horizontal. Designers often use vertical siding to create an accent on a home or to ensure they can cover the home adequately with siding for protection.

While many siding manufacturers offer vertical siding, JamesHardie is a well-known and distinguished siding manufacturer. You can get a unique appearance without feeling the need to design a trendy home that might look dated in a decade. And the great news is, Hardie planks are durable.

JamesHardie creates fiber cement siding from wood pulp, water, fly ash and Portland cement. This creates a durable siding material with minimal maintenance requirements.

Vertical Siding

Hardie Vertical Siding Finishes

When selecting your siding, you have to pick from a variety of materials, including vinyl, wood, metal and fiber cement. Then comes additional choices, including the manufacturer and style. So now that you know you want vertical siding from JamesHardie, here’s a look at the finishes you can get that in. You can request samples of these various boards from JamesHardie directly.

1. Select Cedarmill

This siding offers the appearance of natural cedar while mimicking wood with its soft texture. You can get this siding in many colors from the Statement or Magnolia Home Collections. These shades offer stunning neutrals that will accent your home and make your vertical sections distinctive and attractive.

Of course, you can also select JamesHardie siding that is ready to be painted so you can get the exact color you want.

2. Smooth

These boards offer sleek, modern exteriors. Choose from boards already painted with the Statement or Dream Collection colors or create your own look with boards primed for paint.

3. Stucco

Accomplish a warm and inviting appearance using a stucco-like board with all the conveniences of fiber cement. You’ll get fiber cement’s durability and strength. These boards come in the Statement and Dream collections or you can paint them to meet your needs.

4. Sierra 8

These boards offer both texture and linear details. On your home or building, that translates to dimension for unique and beautiful designs. But it isn’t a design or texture that is so bold that it gets busy or steals attention from your home’s other elements. This board style only comes primed for paint to give you the exact appearance you’re looking for.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Benefits of Incorporating Vertical Siding into Your Next Project

As you contemplate the best siding appearance and design for your home, multifamily residence or business, here are some reasons you might want to add in vertical siding to create visual interest.

1. Buildings Appear Larger

Because vertical siding draws the eye upward, it can make your building appear larger. You’ll get tall clean lines that build visual interest while also increasing the size and appearance of the space.

2. Distinctive

You don’t want your home or commercial building to just fade into the landscape. Many homes look just like that of their neighbors due to HOA requirements and set templates you have to follow. But if you have a little flexibility, you can do a lot in making your home look unique using vertical siding. And because you’re using the timeless appearance of wood, your home will attract eyes and admiration for many years to come.

3. Incredible Curb Appeal

Today’s home designs make vertical siding a popular option. And many of the JamesHardie paint colors direct from the factory offers modern design options. Designers like those seen on the show Fixer Upper often use sections of vertical siding to create an ideal design that fits their preferences. 

Your home will attract the attention of homebuyers and visitors alike. So if you are contemplating selling, using high-quality materials like Hardie vertical siding could help you sell your home quickly and for the asking price.

4. Easier to Clean

Cleaning vertical siding is easier than cleaning horizontal siding. So if your home has a stunning tree out front that also drives you a little crazy because of the debris it litters your home with, you might want to try and incorporate vertical siding in that area to make it faster and easier to clean. That way, you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time on home maintenance.

Considerations Before Installing Vertical Siding

While vertical siding offers many outstanding benefits, it also has some detractors you should be aware of. For example, installation is slightly more complex, meaning you’ll need to ensure you’re hiring the best of the best siding contractors. But so long as you have a qualified installer, you shouldn’t have to worry about installation.

Because of the complexity though, you might also spend a little more in labor expenses due to it being more time-consuming to install.

In some designs, you might also need a batten strip to join the boards together with a more pleasing appearance. This can slightly increase your siding budget for your project as it requires fasteners and other materials.

But before you get worried that you can’t afford vertical siding, know that high-quality materials and design often pay off during home sales. Buyers seeking a unique home will find your home is exactly what they are looking for.

JamesHardie Elite Preferred Contractor in Washington State

As you look for the best contractor to install your new siding and accomplish the design you’re looking for, work with the best of the best. JamesHardie has the Elite Preferred Contractor Alliance. These contractors are vetted to ensure they know how to install the materials properly for the best warranty and service a customer can find.

2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing is an Elite Preferred Contractor with JamesHardie and has installed these materials on countless homes throughout the Puget Sound and Spokane, Washington, areas. Schedule your free estimate now to learn more.

Hardie Vertical Siding FAQs

Want to learn more about JamesHardie and its vertical products? Here’s a look at some common questions and answers related to this product.

Can Hardie Board Siding Be Installed Vertically?

Yes, JamesHardie offers a line of vertical siding products that you can install vertically on walls. However, you cannot use these products in fascia or trim. Get products specifically designed for these applications for the best results.

How Much Does Hardie Vertical Siding Cost?

Hardie siding costs $4.70-$8.50 per square foot depending on the finishes and styles you select. For an average home size of 2,500 square feet, that means you should budget $14,000 to $25,000 for your siding project or work with a contractor that offers financing options.

Is Vertical Hardie Board More Expensive?

Generally, horizontal siding is less expensive than vertical siding because of the installation process required and additional materials to secure the boards and make the design look great. Talk to your siding contractor to get a better idea of the price difference.

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