6 Benefits of Using James Hardie Sidings

Published on: May 22, 2017

From durability to low maintenance, here we have listed the key advantages of using James Hardie sidings for your home.

No wonder James Hardie Siding is found on over 5 million homes in the USA in the presence of popular options like vinyl and wood.

This is because it is durable, low maintenance, and long lasting than most of the siding types available in the market. Also known cement board siding, Hardie board siding was created by James Hardie in 1888. Today, it is one of the best-selling siding board brands in the world.

Here we have come up with the top benefits of James Hardie Sidings for your home:

It is Weather Resistant:

This is one of the key advantages of using James Hardie siding! They withstand extreme weather conditions in the world, from hail to the hurricane-force winds.

As an added bonus, JH siding is available according to the weather conditions of your area. The company has developed HardieZone system to divide world’s climate zones into 10 separate categories to match your state’s weather condition.

It is Rot and Pest Resistance:

Though wood siding gives your property a beautiful appearance, it can’t be denied that it is prone to the pest over the time.

On the other hand, the degradation of vinyl and other plastic sidings due to age or UV rays makes them brittle and warped, giving pests and moisture an easy access to the structure underneath.

In contrast to vinyl or wood siding, JH siding is not vulnerable to pests and other insects due to its strong cement fiber construction. Moreover, they are weather proof, so they won’t wear out over time and attract pests, woodpeckers or termites.

It Comes with a 30-Year Warranty:

An icing over the cake is that Hardie board siding comes with an excellent warranty of 30 years (with 15-year finish warranty for paint and labor)

It Gives Your Home a Beautiful Appearance:

Hardie boards are not only durable and weather resistant, but also improve the curb appeal of your property.  They can be made to resemble just about any other siding materials like vinyl or wooden siding, though they are five times thicker than these sidings. There is plethora of color options to choose from. You can get 10-15 years of warranty on the finish.

It is Fire Resistant:

Image result for Fire Resistant

JH sidings are manufactured from 90 percent sand and cement, making it a fire-resistant. This feature makes it a much safer option than vinyl or wood sidings, which catches fire easily if exposed to flames or heat source.

It Requires Low Maintenance and Cleaning:

JH cement fiber siding requires less to no maintenance, unlike wood or vinyl siding. Once placed on the walls, it will stay for longer and maintain its fresh appearance for years. All you need to do simple rinsing with a garden hose to remove dirt.

Bottom Line:

James Hardie sidings are durable and improve the appearance of your property at the same time. However, it can be bit expensive than vinyl or wood sidings. Therefore, you have to keep certain factors in mind like the amount of siding you’ll require, installation time and additional fees for equipment and materials.

Choose Professional to Install James Hardie Sidings:

You should choose experienced contractors to install expensive sidings like JH siding. If you are looking for the same, look no further than 2FL Windows and Sidings. We are professional and experienced siding experts in Washington and skillfully install all types of sidings including JH siding.

Call us now 866-908-2440 to get your James Hardie installed on the same day!

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