The Best Vinyl Windows on the Market

Published on: June 15, 2021

New windows can do wonders for improving the look of your home – both inside and out. Plus, modern windows are better at canceling out outdoor noises to give your home improved peace and quiet. And as windows wear and age, they become less efficient so new windows offer improved energy efficiency as well.

Finding the best vinyl windows on the market also means getting nice conveniences like simpler cleaning for inside and out and better all-around ease-of-use. Thanks to the long life of windows, many homeowners don’t have experience choosing new windows and there are tons of options out there for high-quality and unique-looking vinyl windows.

We’ll outline what to look for in vinyl windows and some of the best vinyl window brands on the market to help you choose the ones that are right for your home.

What to Look for in Vinyl Windows

As you begin your research into the best replacement windows, you should better understand what you’re looking for. We’ll provide some key considerations and cover the types of windows you can choose from to fit your home’s style and usage needs.

Need Help Picking the Right Windows?

Important Window Features

1. Cladding: if you’re considering wood windows, look for options that are clad in vinyl or other materials to protect the wood from the elements. While wood windows are stunning for your home, they’re also the least energy-efficient and tend to wear faster than other types of windows. But because of their continued popularity, window manufacturers are solving this issue by cladding the windows in fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl.

2. Double or triple glazed: double glazed windows seal air or argon gas between two windowpanes. This slows heat transfer through the window for improved insulation over standard windows. Triple-glazed windows have a third layer of glass. This third layer helps reduce noise in your home from outside and of course, improves energy efficiency further.

Gone are the days of the vinyl window brands only making white vinyl windows. Now, you can get look-alike wood windows that function and wear like vinyl windows. Or get colors to create a unique design for your home.

3. Low-emissivity (low-E) coating: this is a transparent coating that lets light through but improves the efficiency of the glass. Manufacturers apply the coating to the outside of the glass. This keeps heat in your home and protects your interior from harmful UV rays that can fade or damage your furniture or fixtures.

4. Tilt-in sashes: most windows feature this option now for single and double-hung windows. But if you have older windows in your home, you might not be familiar with this feature. This allows the sashes to tilt in for easy cleaning of the outside of the window. 

Types of Windows

  • Double-Hung: these types of windows have grown in popularity since the 1980s. The great part about them is that the inside slides up and the upper outside slides down. You can easily clean the inside and outside of these windows and get better air circulation in your home. Just make sure you choose double-hung windows from a manufacturer focused on preventing air and water from penetrating your windows because that’s one complaint about this type of window.
double-hung windows
Double-hung windows
  • Awning-style: These windows hinge at the top to open outward. They’ll close nice and tight though to protect your home.
Awning-style windows
Awning-style windows
  • Casement-style: these windows are hinged on one side with a crank to open them. The benefit of these windows is that they are unobstructed to provide great light penetration into your home. They provide great ventilation and are easy to clean. Thanks to the way they open and close, these windows are also extremely airtight.
casement style windows
Casement-style windows on the sides
  • Fixed (or “picture”) windows: use these windows when you want light into your home but no ventilation because they do not open. They are airtight and serve as a nice decoration and can come in neat designs to add character to your home. 
Fixed windows
Fixed window in the center
  • Hopper-style: these windows hinge at the bottom to provide the opposite effect of awning windows. They can open inward or outward.
Hopper-style window
Hopper-style window
  • Single-hung: these windows look like double-hung but with one big difference. Only the bottom sash opens. As a result, you can generally save a little money on these windows compared to double-hung windows. And the top half is sealed and airtight, providing good protection for your home and energy efficiency.
Single hung windows
Single-hung windows

Best Vinyl Windows

Here’s a look at some of the most trusted and respected vinyl window manufacturers to guide you in your conversations with window contractors.

The Coeur d’Alene Window Company

coeur dalene window co logo

The Coeur d’Alene Window Company is a local Washington-based window company. At 2FL, we’re proud to offer these windows to our customers and support this local business. These windows offer superior energy efficiency with a double lifetime warranty. 

You’ll also love the many styles and options they offer to provide the perfect aesthetic to your home. The company has high standards for structural and thermal testing to ensure you get a durable, long-lasting window. 

And with tilt-in sashes, you’ll be able to clean your windows with ease. These high-quality windows are easy to open even when it’s very humid out and you’ll rest easy knowing your windows won’t chip, rot or crack from the changing temperature and weather. 



These windows have many different options to meet your budget and style needs. You can get wood, vinyl or composite windows from Andersen as well as low-emissivity (low-E) coated windows for improved energy efficiency.

The company also offers customer-ordered options to meet your unique needs. These high-quality windows provide options to meet your home’s needs.


Create the perfect window pairing for your home. Choose from double-hung and casement styles in wood, vinyl, clad or aluminum. Add low-emissivity or gas-filled to further improve the window’s energy efficiency. 

You can get common sizes easily, but the company also provides custom windows. The standard-sized windows are widely available through major stores like Lowe’s making it fast and simple to get stock sizes and install them in your home quickly.


jw windows logo

Jeld-Wen is best known for its vinyl windows. And the great part for consumers is that they have many different lines of windows so that you can pair the right durability with your budget. You can get these windows with low-E coating or gas-filled or opt for a more budget-friendly tier while still knowing you’re getting great windows for your home.

Jeld-Wen does also offer wood windows to provide the style for your home you want. Just make sure you discuss the pros and cons of wood windows with your window installation contractor before opting for this option. 

Vinyl Windows in Seattle, Washington

Selecting vinyl windows can be challenging and weighing the pros and cons of upgrades versus budgetary needs can feel overwhelming.

Call in the experts from 2FL Windows, Siding & Roofing. We’ll come out to your home to measure your windows and offer suggestions for the best windows to enhance the beauty of your home. But you’re in charge of your window project and we’ll respect your design goals, budgetary needs and time constraints. 

We’ll spend time explaining your options and the best vinyl windows for your Seattle, Washington, home. Schedule a free estimate today to get started.

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