Can You Replace a Window Without Removing the Siding? The Answer is Yes!

Published on: October 22, 2021

Home projects often feel daunting because of the cost and time required. But the good news is, that if you’re looking to replace your windows, you don’t have to worry about removing vinyl siding.

Window manufacturers know that many window replacement projects do not include new siding. That means that their windows have to work with your existing siding. Plus, some homes with more long-term siding like brick or stone would cost thousands of dollars to redo, which is not feasible.

We’ll explain why window replacement does not require siding removal and what you can expect with your home project.

Replacement Windows Do Not Require Removing Vinyl Siding

Good window installation teams know how to remove existing windows without damaging your home’s siding. Actually, this is one of the most important factors when considering a window contractor is their skill level to avoid making the project more complicated.

Replacement windows are retrofit, meaning they are designed to slide into your home’s existing frame. The important thing is that your frame and sill are in good condition. That means that the frame and sill are free from rot and mold. Otherwise, you’ll need some exterior remodeling to remove the molded or rotted parts.

Your window contractor will measure your home’s existing space for windows to recommend new ones that will fit perfectly into that space. That way, you don’t need to undergo complicated remodeling that could require siding removal.

Some window replacement work requires removing siding around the window. The window team will only remove necessary pieces and do so without harming them so that they can go right back on without you having to do a full home siding project.  

Patented Rain Jacket Flashing Window Replacement Method

Our Rain Jacket Flashing System is a patented way of securing your replacement windows without removing your existing cladding. The process has undergone stringent testing with an AAMA certified lab and has surpassed all water-resistant and air penetration requirements.

That means that you get an outstanding window installation and energy efficiency without new construction windows. 2FL is the only company offering this innovative approach.

What Happens When You Need New Windows and Siding

If you need new windows and new vinyl siding at the same time, you can get new construction windows, which can offer more options and remodeling opportunities. 

When you’re already removing the siding it allows the opportunity to insert a whole new window and frame to make adjustments to your home. However, if you change the size of your windows, this will be more costly as it requires more work than simply replacing the windows. 

With new construction windows, your contractor will remove the nailing fins and install your windows with new nail fins.

New windows and siding can give your home an entirely new look, especially if your home is older. Modern styles and colors will work wonders in improving your curb appeal and increasing your home’s value.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Benefits of Replacing Siding and Windows Together

If you’re unsure whether to replace your windows without replacing your siding or do it all as one project, here’s a look at some of the benefits of replacing both at the same time.

  • Improved energy efficiency with modern materials and overall replacement
  • Cost savings by hiring one contractor to complete the project at once
  • Full exterior remodel to modernize the look of an aging home
  • Accurate window capping to prevent window damage and moisture
  • Time savings from having to complete estimates with contractors for two separate projects

However, you should not put off window replacement to wait until you need or have money for vinyl siding replacement. Once your windows show signs of wear, you should replace them as soon as possible to avoid structural issues due to water damage or other elements. 

Should I Be Concerned if My Siding Needs to be Removed for Window Replacement?

No, window contractors are trained to remove siding without cracking or breaking it. You should not be concerned if your window contractor recommends removing the pieces of siding around your windows.

In fact, if your contractor recommends removing siding around your windows, this can be a good sign that they are thorough and will do a good job of replacing your home’s windows with a good seal to avoid issues with leaks and air gaps.

What’s the Difference Between Replacement Windows and New Construction Windows? 

A new construction window includes nail fins that hold the window in place and flash to it. This helps make the window airtight and impenetrable for water. While it requires more work because you’ll have to likely do some interior woodwork and touch-up painting within your home, it is the most thorough way to replace your windows.

Replacement windows leave the existing window frame and trim in place. This window replacement method is faster and less expensive. However, it’s not always plausible for older homes with old window frames that are worn out or outdated.

How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Look for these signs that it’s time to replace your windows and don’t delay the project any longer than you must to find a good contractor and a safe time of year to complete the work.

  • Your windows rattle during windy days
  • On cold days, you see ice or frost on the inside of your windows
  • During the cooler months, your home feels cold or drafty near the windows
  • Your windows fog or get condensation on them
  • When you open your windows, you have to prop them to keep them from closing on their own

Putting off window replacement can mean a more expensive home renovation project to strip out your home’s materials that have rotted or molded due to old windows that no longer seal the way they should.

If cost is a determining factor in when you can replace your windows, consider looking into financing options. 2FL partners with Salal Credit Union to help customers secure low-interest financing to complete necessary home projects that protect the structure and integrity of your home. 

How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

Just like you don’t want to put off window replacement, you should not put off siding replacement. Siding provides a valuable protective layer to your home. Here are some common reasons to consider replacing your home’s siding.

  • When adding onto your home, the best color match will be to replace all siding at once due to sun fade
  • Existing siding looks weathered or needs to be repainted to look fresh
  • Your siding has insect damage
  • It is buckling or sagging in more than one place
  • Wear shows on certain sides of your home making it look uneven and unattractive
  • You see weather damage from a hail or wind storm

Vinyl siding can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years depending on the elements and how good the installation was to start. Trying to stretch your siding another year can do more harm than good to your home’s exterior, much like putting off a window project could. 

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Window? 

Window replacement is probably not as expensive as you think. A single hung window costs approximately $300 and double hung is about $500. 

The final cost of replacement windows will depend on the size and style you select. You should discuss your window needs with a local contractor to get a price estimate. While internet searches can give you a baseline, you might be looking at budget window styles or contractors who cut corners to complete the project for less.

When replacing windows, you want the best installation so that your windows will last longer and provide the best energy efficiency for your home. A cheaper installation job is not worth it because it will cost more over the life of the window.For window replacement contractors you can trust, contact 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing. Our team offers free in-home estimates without any pushy sales tactics.



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  2. […] Can You Replace A Window Without Removing The Siding? The Answer Is Yes! […]

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