Ideal Places to Use Black Metal Siding

Published on: July 04, 2022

Metal siding has fallen out of favor with the dawn of lighter, easier-to-install materials, such as vinyl. But you’ll find many great use cases for black metal siding, especially in commercial and industrial settings.

These siding materials tend to offer a more rugged look. But don’t be mistaken, they’re still modern and with the right product manufacturer, you’ll get an outstanding look for many years to come. 

Learn more about how and when you might consider metal siding and why black is a popular color for this siding material.

Black Metal Siding

Where to Use Black Metal Siding

Siding product trends come and go, which can make it challenging to do anything trendy since siding lasts 20-50 years depending on the material you select. So you need to create a timeless look based on the type of home or building you are designing.

Black metal siding is surprisingly popular right now. You can get it in matte or glossy looks to develop the perfect exterior. Some designers use this type of siding as an accent while filling in the rest of the home or building with more bold color choices. Black and white are a popular color combination that can speak to sophistication and beauty.

As you evaluate whether using black metal siding might be right for your project, here are some popular applications for it.

  • Modern homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial construction projects
  • Carports
  • Restaurant walls
  • Rugged environments

Benefits of Metal Siding

Metal siding has many great benefits, especially in light of design requirements for modern homes. You can get metal siding in aluminum, steel, zinc or copper in a variety of molds and shapes to create the aesthetic you’re looking for. You can create direct sight lines or shadows exactly how you want when using metal siding. Here’s a look at some metal siding benefits.

1. Eco-friendly

Metal siding is one of the most eco-friendly siding materials. One major reason for this is because manufacturers can make steel siding from recycled materials. And then when you’re done using the siding on your home or building, you can recycle the materials again. Additionally, during metal siding manufacturing, there are no harmful chemicals or air pollution. 

2. Low Maintenance

You won’t need to paint or stain your metal siding regularly as you do with some other siding materials. This cuts down on the lifelong expense of having the siding and can be better for the environment.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

3. Durable

Metal siding is incredibly durable. You’ll pay more for it at the start, but get a better lifetime value from it. The per-year cost of owning metal siding is lower than many other types of siding. You won’t experience insect or wildlife damage. Plus, metal siding holds up well under the pressures of storms.

4. Soundproofing

Because metal siding is thicker, it offers more soundproofing compared to other siding options. You can easily insulate this type of siding, making it even more soundproof and temperature resistant. Homebuyers in urban areas appreciate metal siding because it blocks out some road noise.

Metal Siding Panel Types

Modern designs mean new concepts for metal siding and its appearance. You can get metal siding in a variety of contemporary styles to meet the needs of modern homes and buildings.

Standing Seam Panels

Many designers like this type of siding because it offers clean lines thanks to concealed fasteners allowing the screws to be beneath the panel. This style began as a metal roof panel. But designers found it to be so attractive that they morphed it into a siding panel as well. It allows your roof lines to continue through the façade if you want to create a waterfall effect with the building.

Shiplap Panels

These panels have more subtle lines than the standing seams. Shiplap panels bring together the visual appeal of wood siding with the practicality, durability and low maintenance of metal siding. This panel type offers the most subtle appearance and is often preferred in areas where you’ll see the fine details, such as entryways or near patios.

Batten Panels

Another popular design right now is batten panels. Designers like the big, bold statement that these make on a façade. They are basically the opposite of shiplap and standing seam, which are designed to be subtle and smooth. Batten panels have dramatic lines and were designed to emulate traditional board and batten styles. When you use these panels, you’ll influence sight lines in a dramatic, yet appealing manner.

Corrugated Panels

Often, these panels are used in agricultural and commercial uses. However, it’s slowly gaining traction for other use cases since it casts shadows in a way you won’t find with any other metal panel styles. And when you use corrugated panels in black, they are quite refined. You’ll see these panels both in vertical and horizontal uses.

Black Metal Siding Purchasing Notes

black metal siding

If you’re working with a designer or architect, they will help you pick the best style for your black metal siding panels. But if you are not working with these experts, you want to consider the siding company you select carefully. Although most siding contractors are not designers, they know these siding materials in-depth because they work with them daily.

Your replacement siding contractor can recommend the best manufacturer and panel design to meet your needs. Balancing design with durability, performance and budget is very important. 

Purchasing metal siding panels requires careful measurements and precise ordering. Make sure your contractor has worked with metal siding, knows the pros and cons, and is equipped to make your project turn out great. 

2FL Windows, Siding & Roofing is your team of metal siding experts – actually, we’re experts at all types of siding, meaning you can count on us to recommend the best products and styles for your home. Schedule your free consultation now to learn more and explore the best siding for your upcoming project whether it is commercial or residential. 

FAQs or Determining the Best Metal Siding Color for You

Not sure if black is the right choice? Or want to know more about how black siding might impact your project? Read up on these important FAQs.

Is Black Metal Siding Hot?

Darker colored siding tends to be hotter than lighter colors. However, this is not as large of a factor in Washington since we don’t get intense sunny days often. If you want the look of black metal siding, talk to your contractor about how insulating the siding could reduce the amount of heat it holds.

Does Black Metal Siding Fade?

To some degree, yes, your siding will fade with time. But if you purchase from the right manufacturer, you will see very limited effects to the point where the only way you would know it had faded is if you were to hold a brand new panel up next to the one on your home or building. All siding fades since it is out in the elements. The better question is how severe is the fading and will it impact your home’s curb appeal?

Is Metal Siding Cheaper Than Vinyl?

If you’re comparing just the upfront cost of the siding, vinyl siding is the least expensive option. However, vinyl siding tends to not last as long as metal siding. Both options are low maintenance, meaning all you should have to do is clean them and do minor repairs in case of extreme weather. The cost difference between the siding options comes down to whether you can afford a larger upfront expense or would prefer a less expensive option that will need to be replaced sooner.

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