Blue Vinyl Siding Colors: Diverse Options to Fit Any Home Style

Published on: May 14, 2023

Over the years, people worldwide have selected various shades of blue vinyl siding colors as their favorite. And although the shade has adjusted to meet modern trends, blue is always in style.

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true exterior home appearance, you can’t go wrong with blue vinyl siding colors. And no matter the style of your home, there’s a shade and design that will make your home look great.

Learn how to build the perfect home exterior using this guide based on the home style.

Blue Vinyl Siding Colors to Match Your Home Style

Vinyl siding has come a long way over the past few decades to offer diverse appearances with the ease of maintenance and durability you can expect from vinyl siding.

1. Coastal Blue

If you’re looking for a bold blue, coastal blue will serve you well. It pops much more than neutral colors but is still classic and tends to help viewers feel serene and peaceful. 

A good accent color for coastal blue is crisp white. This creates a very clean aesthetic and helps offset the bold color coastal blue provides.

2. Pacific Blue

Homeowners looking for a blue that isn’t quite as bold enjoy Pacific blue. This is a more subdued tone and is quite popular for that reason. While it still looks blue, it has similar qualities to deep greys to offer a more neutral tone.

Another benefit to pacific blue is that you’ll find it in a variety of areas throughout the country and not just near coastlines. 

3. Needlepoint Navy

If you love navy but want a little lighter version, needlepoint navy is a good option. It’s color from Sherwin Williams, but you can find it in vinyl siding from a variety of high-quality manufacturers.

This shade of navy is still bold blue but it isn’t stark or overly saturated. Homeowners find it pairs well with natural wood or stone. 

4. Naval

This is a true deep navy that in some lighting can look like black because it is so deep and rich. While it’s dark blue, it has stunning purple undertones that make it a great pairing with natural stone or elaborate landscaping. And because the color is so deep, it pairs well with other bold colors if you want a really distinctive home.

5. Pastel Blue

For a softer look, you can go with a pastel blue, like bravo blue. It offers a light exterior while being brighter and bolder than your classic white or grey. It does pair well with crisp whites and natural wood though for a crisp appearance.

While this color tends to lend itself to more coastal areas, you can certainly use it for a lake house or other waterside property.

6. Sky Blue

Blue Vinyl Siding Colors Options Fit Home Style

Create a beach vibe no matter how close you are to the water using a calming sky blue. This color pairs beautifully with natural stone and white trim to provide a light and refreshing appearance.

Perhaps you just want to create a backyard oasis that’s ideal for relaxing that feels like you’re on vacation every day. This color will build that vibe and make for the perfect backyard getaway.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

7. Steel Wool

Homes in Washington are a great fit for steel wool, which is a grey shade of blue. It has strong blue undertones that pair very well with rustic wood. It’s also ideal for wooded settings because of how well it pairs with natural colors.

8. Cool Blue

If you own a traditional home, cool blue is positively charming. Pair it with a light grey roof, white trim and dark navy shutters for a truly classic appearance. Cool blue looks great with dark or light accents. 

9. Saturated Blue Grey

Contemporary homes look great in a saturated blue-grey. These homes often feature many windows to allow ample natural light. It also works well with elaborate landscaping and hardscaping. It’s a more daring color but it creates a dynamic appearance that is fitting for this home style.

If you’re looking for the ideal pairing for accent colors, dark trim looks great as do dark window frames. 

10. Inky Blue

Deep blue homes are very popular currently. Inky blues offer a bold look without a bright appearance. You’ll find strong blue and violet undertones in this shade of blue. Because this home color is bold, just be sure to do a rendering or test it out in some way before using it on your home.

Add in some landscaping that brings out the purple undertones of your blue vinyl siding color to bring everything together nicely.

Creating an Ideal Exterior Design

If you’re overhauling our home’s exterior, you can’t just consider the siding color. You want to consider the home’s entire exterior and how it all comes together. Here are some steps to follow as you look to renovate your home.

Blue Vinyl Siding Colors Options Fit Home Style

1. Consider Your Home’s Style

Some home styles simply do not lend themselves to certain colors or material pairings. You’ll want to evaluate what style your home was built in. And while you can adjust it somewhat with a full renovation, you can’t completely change the style of a home in some cases.

2. Decide What Materials You Like

If you want to integrate brick, stone, wood, or other materials, make sure your designer knows that because it can impact what shades of blue will work well for your home’s exterior. In some cases, homeowners aren’t sure what materials matter most to them until they see a rendering of their home with the materials. You can skip ahead to working with a designer to see the home before proceeding.

3. Get a Rendering of Your Ideal Home in Blue Vinyl Siding Colors

Before you move forward with a trendy color or a color you’ve seen elsewhere that you enjoy, request a rendering of your home in that color and materials. You might find that vertical siding looks better than vertical or that you like different vinyl siding styles better than others once you see your home in that color. Or you might find that bold choices don’t fit your style once you see it all together.

4. Work with a Skilled Siding Contractor

Once you have a clear idea of what you want your home to look like, you need to find a skilled siding contractor. Even when you select the best materials, your home might not have the proper protection or longevity you’ve hoped for if the siding isn’t installed correctly. 

2FL Windows, Siding, and Roofing is an outstanding siding contractor in the Puget Sound and Spokane, Washington, areas. Whether you’re looking for vinyl siding, wood, fiber cement, or any other material, you’ll find outstanding workmanship from the team. 

And, if you’re doing a full home remodel, 2FL can replace your windows and roof at the same time to help you speed up the process and complete the project on a budget thanks to the cost savings of bundling services.
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