5 Ways to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Published on: December 11, 2022

Installing a new roof is an important decision because your roof is a major part of your home that offers protection for your family and belongings from outside elements. Considering the importance of the roof for your home and family, it is essential to choose an experienced and professional roofing contractor

Hiring an inexperienced or bad contractor can cause various troubles including property damage, overcharging, litigation, delays and inconveniences. Here are some basic guidelines you should follow to find the right person for your roofing job.

Choose Roofing Contractor

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Roofing Contractor

The roofing contractor you choose can make or break the project. The materials you install will be important for the longevity and durability of your new roof, but the installation work will ensure that your new roof has the best chance of succeeding in protecting your home for 20-30 years to come.

Selecting contractors for home improvement work is not anyone’s favorite activity. That’s because every contractor will tell you that they are the best option for your needs. You’ll need to dig a little deeper to ensure you’ve landed on a contractor who is equipped to complete your project.

Here’s a look at the five steps you should take in selecting a reliable, high-quality roofing contractor.

1. Choose a Local Contractor

Make sure the roofer you choose is local or someone from your community. This is because local contractors are more familiar with local laws, regulations and issues. These contractors also have a network of area crews and suppliers.

Contractors who have to travel to your property from a distance might also charge you a premium to cover the travel time and expense. You’ll also struggle to see past projects from contractors located outside your community because you’ll need to travel further to go out to see them. 

All interactions will be more complicated, and you might not get priority because the contractor will prioritize local projects over yours. It can be challenging to accept that you can’t use contractors who you’ve heard great things about from friends or family. But it’s best to keep looking and ask neighbors about their roofing contractor experience to find a local contractor.

When meeting with a contractor, ask lots of questions. You should not feel intimidated or like your questions are silly. Watching how the contractor receives the questions might also tell you something about the company. If they seem annoyed with questions now, they will likely not be very receptive to questions throughout the project either. 

Allow the Professionals to Do It

2. Check Their Credibility

Before hiring a contractor, do careful research. While this will require added time and might mean delaying the project while you get everything in order, it will be worth it in the end. 

Make sure to keep these points in mind to see how trustworthy the contractor is:

  • Ask for their identification number and business address
  • Check their website and social media profiles to make sure they are active and up to date
  • Ask for references of their previous work
  • Check their client’s reviews on various websites with a preference for industry websites that verify reviews to avoid spam reviews
  • Give preference to contractors who come recommended by your friends and neighbors in the area 

3. Review Insurance and Licensing

Choose a contractor that has strong worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ask for a copy of their insurance certificate for validation (make sure their coverage is in effect).

A contractor’s license will cover injuries and damages resulting from their work at your property, which could save you from litigation and medical expenses. Although most states require licensing for contracting workers, many contractors still do roofing work without the correct permits and licenses. So, you must confirm their status online at the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries website.

4. Prefer Quality Over Prices

Never hire a contractor solely based on price. While price will certainly be a factor in your contractor selection, it can’t be the only criteria you use for choosing a contractor. 

Companies that provide services that are dramatically cheaper than others must be cutting corners somewhere. Many inexperienced and unreliable contractors’ lowest bids may be attractive to budget-conscious homeowners, but these contractors might be uninsured and deliver unsatisfactory work. 

Remember, you get what you pay for. Be careful and look for someone providing quality services at reasonable prices. Price is only one of the factors to choose a roofing contractor. You should choose a contractor based on professionalism, experience and quality workmanship instead.

High-quality contractors can also work with you on financing or a payment plan to make their work more affordable for you while still ensuring that you get a high-quality roof installation.

5. Ask For a Detailed Work Description

Always ask for a detailed proposal in writing from your roofer. Make sure it includes the length of the project, roofing materials, safety procedures, completion date, specification, payment terms and payment schedule. The project details should be satisfactory and you’ll know exactly what is included in the project. That way, you don’t end up with surprises when it comes time for paying the contractor for their work.

In some cases, contractors quote based solely on labor and materials. If the project gets delayed for some reason, you might be charged for that delay, which likely is outside your realm of control.

You want to ensure the materials from the manufacturer that you want are included too. You don’t want a generic estimate that uses any materials that the contractor decides to use. Review materials with the contractor when you initially meet with them for the in-home estimate.

What Should You Watch Out for in a Roofing Contract?

Choose Roofing Contractor

Before you sign a contract with a roofing company, you should review it carefully. Here are several areas of the contract to give special attention.

Business Details

The contract should offer clear detail about the roofing contractor’s business, including the mailing address, name and contact information. You also want to see that your address is listed as the location for the work. That way, there can be no misunderstandings between you and the contractor. 

Also review the section about the company’s insurance, including workers’ compensation and liability. Ensure that the contractor has the correct license and permits to complete the work. 

Scope of Work

This section of the contract will outline specifically what the contractor will be doing. It includes details about the labor and materials. 

Project Duration

Project duration will tell you what to expect with how long the contractor will be on your property and what constitutes a delay. There are always some outside factors that contractors cannot control, such as weather.


The contract should outline the warranty for materials and workmanship. If there is no warranty or a very limited warranty for the installation work, this is one reason to avoid signing the contract and continue your search for a reliable contractor. Roofing companies should stand behind their work at least for a few years.

Payment Terms

Review when funds are due for the project. Some contractors charge the full price upfront while others take half at the start and the other half upon completion of the project. This generally protects the homeowner better than requiring all upfront.

For a reliable roofing contractor you can trust in Seattle and Spokane, Washington, schedule a free estimate with 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing.

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    There is a large section of my parents’ roof that has broken or missing shingles, so they want to get it repaired. It makes sense to ask potential roofing companies for references of their past work before hiring them. I’ll have my parents check the previous projects of any roofers they consider to make sure they provide quality services.

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  4. Olivia Smart says:

    Thank you for explaining that you should ask for a detailed proposal or quote from the roofers. I’ve been wondering how to choose the best roofer to help us with replacing our roof. I’ll be sure to talk to them about this so we can be sure to find the right fit.

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  7. Lily Bridgers says:

    Ooh, my dad’s got this grand plan for a home extension, and the cherry on top is a new roof. Initially, he was all gung-ho about doing it himself, but after watching a couple of DIY roofing videos, reality hit. It’s a complex job, and he’s now considering hiring a professional roof installation service to save himself from a potential roofing disaster. I will tell him that you don’t want a generic quote that incorporates whatever materials the contractor chooses to use, so make sure the items from the manufacturer that you want are included as well. Thanks.

  8. Taylor Abrams says:

    I appreciate you pointing out that you ought to request a comprehensive estimate or proposal from the roofers. I’ve been curious about how to pick the top roofing contractor to assist us in replacing our roof. To make sure we locate the perfect fit, I’ll make sure to discuss this with them.

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