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Published on: February 21, 2021

Did you know recent studies have found that 8 out of 10 replacement window installations are done incorrectly?

This information was provided from the executive director of AAMA and was gathered from building inspectors nationwide

There are many window installation methods used in the replacement window industry, but none of them integrate to the existing building envelope unless siding is replaced, thus when caulking shrinks or gets voids in it water can travel between the new window installation and the building paper then into the building structure causing rot and mold.

Here is an interesting fact. There is not one window manufacturer that recommends a fin-less window installation when replacing metal windows. So why do these window installation companies continue to use this method? Quick, easy, and cheap. The window installation does not need highly skilled applicators and can be done in less then 1/2 hr.

Here is a dilemma I ran into when trying to get a permit to replace windows in an apartment complex in Auburn WA before we invented our patent pending window installation and products.

The city asked that we install the windows using an AAMA approved window installation method or install them to the window manufacturers recommended window installation directions. OK Great! But the client does not want the siding replaced only the windows and does not want to pay the extra money for a cut out and trim job nor does he want to have to paint.

Unfortunately AAMA and the window manufacturer do not have a recommended window installation for fin-less windows. The only way to please this customer was to install the windows without a nail fin and he would assume the risk. Well I couldn’t get the permit and ended up not getting the job, 3 months later I drove by and saw guys installing fin-less windows. The window company either did the job without a permit or somehow slid by the permit official. Well I had to find a solution!

The Rain Jacket Flashing System

After years of development and testing we found an answer and some great benefits that will revolutionize the window installation industry.

Now we can:

  • Install replacement windows into a fiber cement, wood, vinyl, metal, brick, or stucco sided homes and be able to integrate to the existing building envelope without costly cladding repairs.
  • Install windows and not compromise the building envelope.
  • Install windows without applying interior or exterior trim.
  • Install windows that pass the stringent pressure tests required for condominiums without residing
  • Install windows prior to re-cladding especially for large condominium projects on tight budgets that must have the windows pressure tested
  • Install windows that will withstand hurricane force wind driven rain.


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