Double Hung Replacement Windows That Are Built to Last

Published on: March 15, 2023

Double-hung replacement windows make maintaining your windows simple thanks to two vertically sliding sashes. These windows are the most common window style and for good reason.

Homeowners find these windows provide an enjoyable living space because you can easily clean the outside and keep your views clear. And while you might think that two movable sashes would impact energy efficiency, you can still find high-quality, energy-efficient windows built to last and keep your home comfortable. 

Learn all about this window style to see if it might be what you want in your home when you upgrade your windows.

What Are Double Hung Replacement Windows?

A double-hung window is one with two sashes. These sashes slide up and down and can swing out so that you can clean the side of the glass that faces the outdoors. 

Both sashes open to ventilate your home. And while you can’t open both at the same time, having the option of which sash to open is nice because heat rises. So when your home is warm and you want some fresh air, open up the upper sash to let out the hot air and increase your home’s comfort. 

Typically, these windows cost more than single-hung because of the added engineering required and more complicated construction. More moving parts means more complicated manufacturing. 

But if you’re looking for tradeoffs so that you can afford double-hung windows, consider your window’s material. Wood is the most expensive window material. And while these windows are energy efficient and offer a classic appearance, opting for vinyl windows can free up some room in your budget to purchase double-hung windows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double-Hung Windows

When considering new windows, you want to know that you’ll have the best windows to fit your lifestyle and make your investment well worth it. Some advantages double-hung windows provide include.


  • Better ventilation
  • Easier cleaning
  • Clearer views outside
  • More design options are available
  • Safer to open the top sash when you have young children


  • Slightly less energy efficient than single-hung
  • More expensive
  • There’s more hardware to maintain, lubricate and replace as it wears out

Factors Influencing Whether to Purchase Single or Double-hung Windows

Double Hung Replacement Windows Built to Last

Every home and homeowner is different. So while your neighbor might be excited about their new windows, that doesn’t always mean they are right for you. As you consider whether single or double-hung is best for you, here’s a look at some of the main factors that could impact your decision.

1. Maintenance

Homeowners that want sparkling clean glass and perfectly clear views outside should opt for double-hung windows. Cleaning the inside of your windows is simple, and all you need is a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution.

But then you’re faced with the decision of whether to clean the outside glass as well. This would mean going outside, removing the screens, getting out a ladder to reach the top and then finally getting to the cleaning.

That’s where double-hung windows are beneficial you never have to clean your windows on a ladder outside again. Instead, you just tilt the sashes in and start cleaning. 

This is especially valuable for two-story homes. That way, you aren’t on a tall ladder to clean your windows’ exteriors. So if you can’t afford to install all double-hung windows, perhaps you can just install them on the second floor for ease of cleaning.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

2. Fresh Air

You’ll get fresh air inside your home whether you select single or double-hung windows. But with double, you can get that ventilation where the heat sits in your home during the summer months. And if you have pets or children and you’re worried about messing with your screens or falling out of the window when open, you’ll find double-hung provides peace of mind while still bringing outstanding airflow to your home.

3. Budget

How much money you have to spend on replacement windows will be a large deciding factor as to what windows to install. And while single-hung windows are generally more affordable since they have fewer moving parts, talking with an expert about your options is smart.

Window experts know about available rebates and specials that could help make your windows more affordable. Plus, they can recommend various styles and manufacturers. For example, 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing uses The Coeur d’Alene Window Company, which has a manufacturing facility in Spokane, Washington. Reducing the need for windows to travel far distances and sit in warehouses before installation can reduce the total price of the windows by simplifying the supply chain. 

4. Energy Efficiency

Closely related to your budget for windows is their energy efficiency. The more efficient your windows are at retaining your heated and cooled air, the lower your ongoing utility bills will be. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re doing your part to protect the environment.

While double-hung windows are less energy efficient than single-hung, depending on the age of your existing windows, you’ll likely still see energy savings from new windows. With design and engineering advancements constantly improving the energy efficiency of windows, newer is generally better when it comes to reducing your home’s energy expenses.

If you want double-hung windows but are concerned about their energy efficiency, ask your contractor about other ways to insulate the windows to keep your home comfortable and improve the ease of cleaning the windows.

5. Installation

For windows to operate properly, they must be installed correctly. You can spend tons of money on new windows for your home and then not be able to use both sashes due to improper installation that makes the windows uneven. Or you might end up with gaps in your windows that allow airflow when you don’t necessarily want it.

Hiring the right window installation contractors is essential to getting the right windows installed correctly. Your contractor can recommend high-quality windows built to last while also ensuring those windows are set up for success with a good installation. 

6. Home Style

You might be wondering whether double-hung windows will look right in your home. But the good news is, these windows fit in well inside traditional, Victorian and colonial-style homes. You can still get double-hung windows with various style options, including finishes, grilles, divided lites, patterns and hardware. You’ll find that the number of sashes is not as important to the window style as the finishing options. 

What Windows We Recommend

You’re looking for high-quality windows that will last for decades to come while keeping your home comfortable and draft-free. 2FL works with many outstanding window manufacturers, one of which is The Coeur d’Alene Window Company. We enjoy the opportunity to support a local business that is focused on quality first and believes that profits and success will follow.

But if you can’t find what you’re looking for from that manufacturer, we also install many Cascade windows and other high-quality manufacturers. The best thing to do is schedule a free in-home estimate. We’ll send an expert to your home to evaluate your existing windows, make recommendations and provide a price estimate to help you get started with your project. Use our simple online form to schedule your free in-home estimate now.

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