Window Replacement Trends for Rental Properties

Published on: August 03, 2022

Preparing for a window replacement project for your rental property? Make sure you read up on window replacement trends for rental properties before you disrupt your tenants’ lives and make a large investment in new windows.

Vinyl windows have a lifespan of 20-40 years, which means you want to make sure your new windows look modern and offer the conveniences your tenants expect. The total time you get out of your windows will vary based on the weather they are exposed to and how well you care for them. But overall, a firm foundation in picking the right windows will make a huge difference in the value of your investment.

Window replacement trends

What Impacts Window Replacement Trends for Rental Properties?

Many outside factors impact window replacement trends. These factors can include:

  • Upgrades in energy efficiency
  • Manufacturer technology updates that improve window design and manufacturing
  • Popular architecture styles at the time of installation
  • Consumer preferences, which can come and go

So before you go out and buy the same windows you’ve been using on other buildings or projects, learn modern trends to get windows that delight tenants and attract new residents to your building.

Top 4 Trends in Rental Property Windows

Prepare for your window replacement project with these leading trends for window replacement in rental properties.

Trend 1: Aluminum Windows Are Out

Aluminum windows should be replaced with a new system. Single-paned windows are not as nice for the tenant, and they are less energy efficient when compared with modern systems. Because they are single-paned, they transfer more heat, meaning they won’t do as much to keep the indoors temperate.

Plus, you’ll find that aluminum windows are more likely to suffer from condensation. With no ventilation, these windows could allow mold to grow on or around the windows. 

If you still want aluminum windows, you can get modern options that will provide a stronger thermal barrier and that feature low-E glass to improve their energy efficiency. However, know that vinyl windows are far more popular than aluminum and have an excellent long-term value.

Vinyl windows offer something that your tenant is likely familiar with and knows how to care for. That familiarity can make the rental property feel more like home for your customers.

Trend 2: Bright and Modern Styles Are In

Sleek, modern and bright styles are all in. Renters love casement windows that let light into their unit. And, modern windows are easier to operate, which allows tenants to welcome fresh air into their units.

Bright windows also reflect off the tenant’s color choices. The most popular window replacement colors include:

  • Classic white
  • Soft beige
  • Evergreen
  • Contemporary black

The darker window colors reflect the light to create a neat contrast while still allowing in plenty of natural light that will make the home feel warm and inviting.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Trend 3: Eco-friendly

Taking an environmentally conscious approach to your building will welcome a wide variety of people to be tenants. Tenants will not only appreciate knowing that you are caring for the planet, but it will help them also be eco-friendly in their energy consumption.

As you look for the best windows for your rental property, consider these energy-efficient options to replace your windows.

  • Double glazed windows: while triple glazed is the premier option for energy efficiency, they are also much more expensive and might not have the same payoff as double glazed. And since Washington has a more moderate climate, double-glazed will likely provide the amount of insulation that you need.
  • Fiberglass windows: one reason why these are popular is because you can paint them several times. They are also incredibly durable and won’t warp under normal conditions. Fiberglass is also much more sustainable if you’re looking to be eco-friendly.
  • Low-E glass: these windows feature a layer of metallic alloys to protect the building from UV rays. Tenants will appreciate the fact that their furniture will not suffer severe sun fading or other unwanted repercussions of UV rays in their living area. These windows also let less light in to create a more hospitable sleeping environment for your guests.

Does energy-efficient window glass help? Yes, modern windows feature energy-efficient options that help insulate your rental property. You should also read up on the 5 amazing benefits of home window tinting.

Trend 4: Large Windows

Natural light can make any rental property feel like home. But a challenge that rentals face is that they are often multi-unit properties, meaning units only get natural light from one side. That means limited natural light.

Make the most of the windows you put in a unit by making them large. Picture windows are a popular way to invite in as much light as possible with limited options for where to place windows.

Low light is often a problem with older rental properties. You can modernize even the oldest building by increasing the size of its windows when it comes time for window replacement. While larger windows are more expensive, they can breathe new life into these older buildings that might otherwise struggle to find new tenants.

Window Replacement Trends

Signs Your Windows Might Be Outdated

Wondering if you have modern or outdated windows? Watch for these signs that it’s time to update your windows’ style with a more modern approach.

  1. You’re struggling to find the same windows again. This means these windows have fallen out of favor and homeowners are opting for modern options. 
  2. The windows are in bad shape. This makes a poor first impression on potential renters and could be a sign that it’s time for something new.
  3. You’re seeing sun fade on carpets or furniture. This tells you that the UV rays are getting through your windows and it’s time for some modernization to protect your interior features.
  4. Energy bills have been increasing. This is a clear sign that your windows are not providing the tight seal that they once did. It’s time for some modernization to ensure energy efficiency.
  5. Finding replacement parts is becoming increasingly challenging. If you can’t maintain the windows anymore, it’s time to evaluate window replacement.
  6. The windows are single-pane. You’ll lack proper insulation with these windows because they only have one layer of glass. Plus, tenants will likely find them to be drafty. 
  7. There is visible window damage. Windows wear down with time and need to be replaced regularly to restore them to their original beauty. If you’re seeing clear deterioration, this will make a bad impression on your tenants and could lead them to shop around for somewhere else to live.

Still unsure about how to pick the best rental property replacement windows? Read up on what to look for in replacement windows.

Rental Property Window FAQs

Learn more about what to expect with window replacement on rental properties from these commonly asked questions.

Do Landlords Have to Update Windows?

Landlords must ensure that windows properly protect tenants and are free from mold or mildew. So yes, landlords are responsible for window replacement.

How Often Should Replacement Windows Be Replaced?

You should replace windows on your rental property every 15-30 years depending on how they wear and the original materials used. Weather conditions and events will also impact the timeline for when you need to replace windows.

Is It a Good investment to Replace Windows?

Yes, replacing windows is a good investment and has a strong return on investment for homeowners and landlords alike.

Replacement Windows for Rental Properties

If you’re in the market to replace windows on a rental property, 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing is an ideal window replacement company for the project. We’ll help you upgrade the windows with modern replacements to keep your building attractive to new renters. Schedule your free consultation now to learn more about our services.

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