What to Know About Remodeling and Window Replacement

Published on: February 25, 2023

Commercial building owners have some added considerations when preparing for a remodeling project. While you might have experience with remodeling your home, commercial projects are exceedingly different. One big reason is because you’ll have to consider your tenants and business operations. Finding ways to minimize impacts to business operations is the name of the game.

If the windows in your business facility are broken, foggy, or otherwise in need of repair, your customers are sure to notice. Window replacement can help to restore your building’s appearance and your pride too.

Whether you have a small building with just one office or multiple companies on your property, commercial replacement window installation will make a difference in the appearance and comfort of your building. The following types of buildings can benefit from new windows:

  • New construction 
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • High-rise residential buildings
  • Churches
  • Clinics
  • Community centers
  • And more!

As you consider remodeling your commercial building, here are some tips and insights into ensuring the project moves along smoothly.

9 Tips for Commercial Building Remodeling Projects

The idea of disrupting your business with a remodeling project probably is concerning to you, and understandably so. But ultimately, delaying a remodel too long could also lead to a loss of rental contracts if you lease out building space or a reduction in customers who don’t trust your business due to its appearance. Additionally, you have to consider the safety of your commercial building when evaluating whether to conduct a remodel.

Without a doubt, renovating a commercial building is costly so you’ll want to ensure you’ve optimized the project fully. Here are 9 tips to ensure you’ve prepared well before beginning the remodeling project.

1. Build a Detailed Budget

Before beginning a commercial building renovation, meet with several key contractors, such as window and siding installers and drywall experts. You’ll want to get an idea of what the project will cost you so that you can build out your budget with each task as a line item. That way, you can ensure you have the funds to complete the project and don’t end up with an unfinished project because you run out of money.

2. Consider Sustainability

During a renovation, you have an opportunity to upgrade your building to be in line with sustainability. For example, you could add solar panels to the roof once you’ve installed a new roof. Rooftop solar panels are not advisable on older roofs because you’ll have to pay to have them removed and reinstalled when the roof needs replaced. That can make the roofing project far more expensive and lead to financial losses from your solar panels instead of financial gains.

3. Schedule Contractors Carefully

The better you schedule your contractors, the more likely you are to have a good outcome for your renovation. Ensure that contractors are not stepping on one another’s toes during the project and that no party gets frustrated with one another. This will also make it easier for you to monitor the project and limit disruptions.

4. Get a Team Involved

Commercial building renovations are large projects, which means you likely can’t handle it all on your own. Instead, bring in a team who can help you oversee the various contractors, deadlines, to-do list items, etc. This will ensure the project finishes on time to disrupt business as little as possible and make the project feel less daunting.

5. Ensure Your Contractors Are Qualified

Hiring the right contractors makes all the difference in a successful project. You want to know that the team delivers quality work. But you also need to know that the contractor respects deadlines and will do all they can to complete their part of the project within the given timeframe.

Additionally, you need to ensure that your contractors have the right qualifications. For example, multi-family buildings in Washington must meet AAMA standards. One such standard is that window installation can withstand up to 120-mile-per-hour wind-driven rain. As such, you’ll need a team that can install new windows and new siding to meet this requirement or you’ll need the experts at 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing who own the patent on the Rain Jacket Flashing System.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

6. Consider the Your Renovation Goals

Before you get too far into your renovation, you should consider your goals. That’s because you don’t want to get too far into the process only to discover that you didn’t consider the cost of fixing something that was a real eyesore to you or a danger to your customers or building visitors.

7. Evaluate Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

The primary motivation for your renovation is likely practical reasons, such as safety and usefulness. But while you’re completing a commercial building renovation, you should also consider how to make your building more appealing to visitors and passersby. First impressions make a big difference even in commercial real estate. Keep that in mind as you evaluate ways to make your building more appealing.

8. Find Temporary Workspace

During the various phases of the renovation, consider how you’ll keep up with your work while improving your building. Ensure that tenants have options for moving to a newly renovated suite while you complete their renovation and give them ample notice of when to expect the disruption.

If you own and use the building exclusively for your business, consider whether you’ll need a temporary workspace in another building while you complete the renovation or if you can keep your storefront open throughout the process by inviting contractors to do their work during non-business hours.

9. Secure Proper Permits

Before a renovation project, be sure you have adequate permits to alter your building. That way, you can prove that by law you can conduct the construction that you’re planning on. It also shows that you know how to keep people safe throughout the project. Failing to secure permits could mean you face serious fines and penalties.

Replacement Windows for Your Business

Replacement windows instantly provide curb appeal to the exterior of your business, creating a welcoming and professional appearance. At 2FL Windows & Siding, we offer a wide variety of replacement windows in numerous styles and designs. Some of our window designs include:

  • Awning windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Casement windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • And more!

With decades of combined experience, our fully licensed and insured crew members have the skills and expertise to seamlessly install your business’s replacement windows while also minimizing any interruption to the flow of your operations. On every project, we pride ourselves on delivering superior results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

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At 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing, we want customers to feel as though they are getting excellent value for their hard-earned money, and our knowledgeable commercial remodeling experts will not be satisfied until you are. To learn more about our commercial replacement windows, contact us today — simply give us a call at 253-478-8998 or complete our online request form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.


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