5 Ways Hiring Window Installation Contractor Will Benefit You

Published on: February 01, 2023

It might be that you want to add more value to your home or are looking to reduce the cost of your utility bills and increase your home’s energy efficiency. Or, you just want a new look for your property. There can be many reasons for you to replace the windows in your home.

Whatever your reason is, it is important to have professional window installation. Even though there are several DIY videos available on the internet showing how to do the work yourself, it is not a viable option for someone who lacks experience and expertise. It might appear to be the cheaper option, but you could end up paying much more than you had ever intended.

Hiring an experienced installation crew will have many benefits for your home and its long-term comfort, value and more. Learn the five main benefits of hiring a window installation contractor. 

5 Benefits of Hiring a Window Installation Contractor

Unsure of whether you want to spend the money on a window installation contractor? There are many excellent reasons for finding and hiring the best window contractor in your area. Here’s a look at the benefits you’ll experience.  

Latest and Appropriate Tools

It is a fact that a window installation project requires many specific tools. And since window installation is something homeowners only do every 20 or so years, most homeowners will have to buy them, which adds to the overall project cost. 

When you hire an expert, you can rest assured that they have all of the tools that are needed to install windows. In fact, most of these contractors keep themselves updated with recently developed tools and techniques to provide nothing less than the best.

At 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing, we hold the patent on the Rain Jacket Flashing System, which stands up to 120-mile-per-hour wind-driven rain. That’s the equivalent of hurricane-force wind-driven rain! So we not only have the tools and know-how, we’re inventing it and consonantly looking for ways we can serve customers better with incredible window installation work.

Time-Efficient and Comfortable Process

Having professionals install your windows will not only save you money but also time. When working with a contractor, you’ll eliminate the time and money required for choosing, ordering and transporting your new windows.

If you are installing a picture window or a big bay window, you will need a couple of helpers to handle it yourself. And one small mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. Windows are cumbersome, and depending on the type of window you choose, a good bit of strength and skill is required.

When you work with a contractor, they are responsible for safely transporting and moving the windows. They have insurance for their mistakes so you won’t have to worry about the expense of a cracked or broken window in the transportation process. Plus, they are experts so they do this every day, meaning they are far less likely to damage a window during transportation or installation, which could set your project back due to the need to wait for the manufacturer to send a replacement. 

And because the contractor installs windows frequently, they’ll be able to complete the project in far less time than the average homeowner. That means less disruption to your home, allowing you to simply enjoy it and the view out your new windows.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Expertise and Experience

To get the windows installed properly, it is not just about the tools and materials that will fit perfectly together. But it is also about identifying the right application and style to prevent issues that could affect your new home in the future. 

Without a doubt, professional window contractors have the necessary experience and expertise to handle such problems. Having been in the field for years, true professionals have confronted nearly every problem that could happen during window installation. Hence, they can easily handle those issues with quality results.

Regardless of whether your project is complicated – such as adding a window to your home where there is currently a wall – or a simple switch from an old window to a new one, hiring a contractor is a good idea to protect your home, its foundation and support.

Cost-Effective Solution

Without the right expertise, poor installation can lead to serious issues for your home, which can mean big bills to repair the damage. There are many factors for which only an expert can make the best decision. Ranging from the type of glass, seal material, tool requirements, and proper integration into a wall system, only a professional can suggest a budget-friendly solution.

And if you disrupt an important function of your home, such as a support beam, you might be talking about tens of thousands of dollars to repair it. The repairs could cost 10 times the original cost of hiring a window installation contractor.

While a do-it-yourself window installation project might look attractive on the surface due to the much smaller price tag, it could end up costing you far more than you’ve budgeted for.


You will receive powerful manufacturer and workmanship warranties when working with an expert window contractor. These protect both you and your investment, and you don’t need to worry about repairs or maintenance during the warranty period.

If you work with a preferred contractor for your window manufacturer, you might even get an extended warranty on both the window itself and the installation. That’s because the manufacturer recognizes the skill, training and workmanship of the contractor. Generally, these contractors go through a rigorous process with the manufacturer to become certified and a premier window installer for the manufacturer.

So, when you decide it’s time to get replacement windows, ensure that a professional installs them to get the most for the money you’re investing in your home.  Only someone who knows how to do it properly can consistently get you the desired outcome.

2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing has a rich 20-year history serving the Seattle and surrounding area with window installation services. We offer both residential and commercial window services. Schedule your free in-home estimate now to learn more and experience these outstanding benefits. 

Window Installation FAQs

Given that window installation happens so infrequently, many homeowners do not have experience with this important home upgrade. Here’s what you need to know about window installation from common questions homeowners ask.

Why Window Installation Is Important

When windows are not properly installed, outside air and moisture can make their way into your home through your windows. That means you can suffer water damage in your walls or even worse, structural damage. When a professional installs your windows, it will mean you have a strong barrier from the elements.

Is Window Installation Hard?

Yes, window installers go through rigorous training and certifications. They learn under the watchful eye of a trained installer who guides them and checks their work. It is not easy to learn to install windows simply by following an online how-to video or checklist.

How Do I Choose a Windows Installer?

To find the best and most reliable windows installer, you should follow these steps. Get local referrals, research the installer carefully, check the installer’s insurance and license, review what types of windows and manufacturers the contractor installs, and then ask the contractor about their warranties and guarantees. 

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