What You Need to Know About VPI Window Replacement

Published on: August 17, 2022

Finding quality replacement windows for multifamily projects is challenging. But VPI window replacement helps architects and building owners find high-quality windows at an affordable rate for these projects.

Multifamily projects are vastly different from single-family homes. That’s because building owners for multifamily projects must work with developers and others in selecting the various aspects of a building, while also considering whether renters will be happy with the windows in the building and feel motivated to rent there.

VPI Window Replacement

VPI Window Replacement – A Leading Option for Multifamily Buildings

Multifamily buildings present unique challenges and landlords dread large-ticket replacements. While these building owners dislike upgrading HVAC, water heaters, siding and roofing, the hardest for these buildings is windows.

That’s because windows are expensive and replacing them disrupts tenants immensely. And as far as return on investment goes, interior projects, such as flooring or kitchen upgrades have a far better payoff than windows.

VPI offers excellent vinyl windows in the western United States. The company is well known for window replacement in the following commercial settings:

  • Mid-rise
  • Multifamily
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial projects
  • Commercial construction

The company focuses on building a quality, consistent product that will last for decades so you get the greatest value out of your window replacement project. But before you embark on a dreaded commercial window replacement project, review details about multi-family window projects.

Signs It’s Time for Multifamily Window Replacement

The life of single-family home vinyl windows is 20-40 years. But in multifamily spaces, it’s hard to manage how the tenants maintain those windows, which can mean shorter life expectancies of 15 years or so. Plus, the original quality of the windows installed will impact the windows’ life expectancy.

No timeline can tell you for sure when you need window replacement. Instead, you’ll need to look out for these signs.

  • Moisture on the interior of the window
  • Condensation between glass panes
  • Drafts getting inside the units
  • Cracks in the windowpanes
  • Tenants complain about not being able to open or close the windows with ease anymore

The original window quality will be the largest deciding factor in how long the windows last. While maintenance can prolong the life a little, it can’t fix quality issues with the original window quality. Your climate also does not influence this nearly as much as the quality.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

What Makes for a Good Multifamily Replacement Window?

So what should you look for in replacement windows? Some ways you can measure the quality of multifamily replacement windows include evaluating the U-factor and R-factor. These will tell you how efficient the windows are and also give an indication of their quality.

Lower U-factors indicate greater energy efficiency. And higher R-factors indicate that the window is more heat resistant and insulating, which means greater energy efficiency. Another way to improve a window’s energy efficiency is to consider window tinting.

But what do better ratings mean as far as window performance and the experience your renters will have with them? Here’s a look at what you can get when you purchase windows with higher ratings.

  • A longer window life, which means greater value from the window over its lifetime
  • Simpler window maintenance
  • A more attractive window, which increases curb appeal and therefore reduces the time a unit sits empty by attracting new renters
  • Improved energy efficiency, which reduces heating and cooling costs for tenants

Which Type of Window is Best for Multifamily?

As you look at replacing your multifamily windows, you have three options for the type of window. These include:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass

The cost of wood and fiberglass will be far more than that of vinyl and likely won’t provide a large enough difference in quality or life to make up for that difference. Plus, vinyl windows are often the easiest for the average renter to care for and open and close. Vinyl windows can’t be painted and are usually off-white, though you can find other colors. So while the curb appeal might not be as great as it could be with wood or fiberglass, vinyl offers the greatest balance of price with visual appeal and longevity.

Are Multifamily Window Replacement Projects Tax-deductible?

Yes, window replacements are tax-deductible, though they will likely fall under the category of capital improvement, which means you’ll get a depreciation for a capital improvement over the next 27.5 years. This is based on the useful life of the windows and what they do for the overall building structure.

Ensuring Windows Pass AAMA Pressure Tests

A challenge that multi-family property owners face is meeting stringent AAMA pressure test standards. 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing has patented the Rain Jacket Flashing System, which withstands water and air penetration tests to withstand 120-mile-per-hour wind-driven rain.

Condominiums are required to meet these requirements, but few window installers can accomplish this without window replacement or removing siding. Learn more about the Rain Jack Flashings Installed at Vinyl Siding.

2FL is a premier choice for all your multifamily needs, including roofing, siding and window replacement. We’ll be your trusted team of experts and offer straightforward project quotes you can rely on. 

Experience the high-quality workmanship from 2FL today by scheduling a free consultation.

VPI Window Replacement Questions and Answers

As you search for the best multifamily windows, read up on these common questions and answers about VPI window replacement.


JELD-WEN purchased VPI Quality Windows in April 2019. JELD-WEN saw it as an opportunity to expand in the multi-family space since VPI is so highly respected in that area.

Where Can I Find VPI Window Installation Instructions?

VPI Quality Windows offers helpful documents, including installation manuals. You’ll also find care and maintenance instructions on this webpage.

Do Landlords Have to Update Windows?

Window replacement is the responsibility of the landlord. If the conditions are no longer livable due to cracked or broken windows, you can request that your landlord address the issue. Another reason to request window replacement includes mold.

Should You Replace Siding and Windows on Multifamily Property at the Same Time?

There are many benefits to replacing windows and siding at the same time. One of the main benefits is that you only disrupt your tenants once. Another benefit can be a lower cost since the contractor is already working on the property. It’s worth quoting both services even if your immediate need is only one or the other.

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