Why You Need Siding and Gutter Protection Services

Published on: November 14, 2022

Homeowners often think of their home’s exterior features individually. The roof protects from falling dangers, the siding prevents moisture and pests from reaching the walls and the gutters move water away from the house. But these features all work together to keep your home comfortable, livable and enjoyable.

Gutter protection also serves as siding protection and will move water away from your roof to uphold its integrity. When you use modern materials for the exterior of your home, your home will look its best and be the most comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

What Is Gutter Protection?

Gutter Protection

Gutter protection aids in preventing clogs and ice dams. This generally comes in the form of a gutter guard, which fits over the opening of your gutter to prevent debris from getting inside. This might be a fine mesh covering or more sophisticated covering to prevent issues.

Gutter Protection Benefits

Gutter protection will benefit your entire home. Here’s a look at some of the primary benefits you experience when you add this important feature to your home.

  1. Cost savings: although you’ll have to pay upfront for the expense of adding gutter guards, they generally pay for themselves with time. That’s because you won’t have to spend time to clean your gutters or pay someone else to do it. Plus, they can add value to your home.
  2.  Lower maintenance: gutter cleaning is no one’s idea of fun. Once you install gutter guards, you can reduce or eliminate the need to clean your gutters. That’s because the guards will prevent debris from making its way into your gutters in the first place.
  3. Home protection: gutter guards protect more than just your gutters. They ensure that you don’t end up with clogs that back up water on your roof or send it pouring down your siding. This helps protect your home’s foundation, siding, walls, roof and landscaping.
  4. Safety: getting up on a ladder to clean your gutters presents a safety hazard and can be painful because you have to contort your body in ways you don’t normally. Protect yourself by adding gutter guards so you don’t have to clean your gutters or climb that ladder.

Types of Gutter Guards

There are three main types of gutter guards but you might want to talk to an expert before choosing one for your home. That’s because it will vary based on the types of gutters you have and the debris you’re working to keep out. 

It’s a good idea to read up on gutter guards before getting too deep into the process though so that you understand what they are and how they work.

1. Mesh Screens

Some screens are plastic while others are metal and require screws that go into your gutters. You can select from simple or complex systems that involve one or more screens. Generally, a screen is a fairly affordable gutter protection product. However, in some cases, debris can get caught in the screen or still make its way into the gutter if the mesh holes are too large.

2. Perforated Metal

These guards sit under roof shingles and cover your gutters. They are good at keeping leaves out. However, you’ll still be dealing with needles, seeds and other tiny debris getting through your guard. And if the holes get too full with debris, you might end up with overflow issues.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

3. Nose-forward Gutter Guard

These guards use tension and gravity to avoid debris but allow water to flow freely. The water will cling to the nose of the guard and get channeled toward the gutter. But debris will fall off the edge of the guard. These are the most effective gutter guards, but they are also more expensive. 

Top Considerations for Gutter and Guard Types

Before you select a gutter guard, you need to review these top considerations to ensure the best protection for your gutters and outcome from the project.

  • Gutter type: different types of gutters will offer different opportunities for gutter guards. Sectional gutters cost less, but they also have seams, which can mean more leaks. Seamless gutters are more expensive, but they are also more expensive and if one part fails, you have to replace large portions of the gutter.
  • Material: the material that your gutters are made from will also impact their integrity. For example, gutters can be made from vinyl, aluminum, steel or copper. Aluminum is a popular option because it is affordable yet corrosion-resistant. The higher quality the material you choose for your gutters, the more protection they’ll provide your home.
  • Quality installation: the contractor you choose to install your gutters and gutter guards is just as important as the gutters you select. Poor gutter installation can lead to a host of problems. Make sure you’re choosing an experienced, reputable company to complete your installation. You also want to know that the contractor will leave your property in the same or better condition they found it in.
  • Warranty: look for gutters, guards and contractors who offer good warranties on their products and services. You want to know that if anything goes wrong, you’ll have the backing you need to make it right without additional expenses.

Hazards to Your Property if Gutters Don’t Work Properly

Gutter protection

The risks to your home are many if you don’t have proper gutter protection. Here’s a look at some of the hazards you might experience.

1. Damage to Home’s Foundation

When the soil around your home constantly expands and contracts, the slab can suffer a failure. Tons of rain and water near your home will saturate the soil. This makes the soil expand. Then once the soil dries out, it will contract again, meaning possible leaks in the foundation and masonry.

2. Wood Damage

When water gets to eaves or overhangs, it can cause mildew, rot and other types of damage. With time, these issues lead to unhealthy wood. And once the wood is weakened, rainstorms could allow water to pour inside your home, leading to further damage.

3. Masonry Staining

Roofs without gutter protection allow water to transfer with force. That force leads to splashes on the side of your house that can be filled with dirt, minerals or other debris. The longer this happens, the more chance there is that you’ll end up with staining on your home’s masonry. While you can generally pressure wash this debris off, it will still look ugly between power-washing sessions.

4. Damage to Landscaping

Landscaping adds incredible beauty to the exterior of your home. The flowers, shrubs and trees generally sit below the roofline of your home, which means water coming off the roof will drip directly onto these plants. Too much water can lead to unwanted moisture and fungus. You might also attract insects with all this water. But you can prevent run-off with a gutter protection system.

Siding and Gutter Services

Since your home’s exterior features work together to protect your home, it’s helpful if your contractors understand the interplay between siding and gutter services. 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing offers many exterior home services. We can upgrade your siding and gutters at once to ensure your new siding has the protection it needs to look incredible at all times. 

Schedule your free estimate now to learn more about how to protect your home’s walls and foundation with siding and gutters.

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