Siding Installation in Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Published on: February 21, 2021

Siding Installation can be an excellent solution for anyone desiring to make a noticeable change to their home’s appearance, insulation value, and building envelope. 2FL is a siding installer in the Puget Sound area, providing homeowners with many choices and selections to improve their home’s exterior. Some siding products we carry include fiber cement siding, vinyl siding, wood siding, and metal siding.

If you are considering siding installation contractors, do your homework upfront and your end result will be a pleasing one. Skip steps or settle for low quality products or poor craftsmanship, and you may be in for a nightmare experience.

Home improvement encompasses a wide range of areas from outdoor insulation to interior up-fitting and even landscaping. Installing siding for your home is one of the most dramatic home improvements you can make to the exterior of your home, and by far the most important.

There are so many finishes, textures and colors to choose from, that you can make a bold and dramatic statement with your siding installation. We are a professional home improvement company that can help you with this and we provide many options to make your home more attractive. Contact us for a free consultation or for details regarding our services.

siding installation in seattle

A successful project requires a few tips or basics that every homeowner should be aware of. As a consumer, it’s important for you to know what you can expect during this process.

Although basic tools are necessary to perform siding installation, make sure that your contractor is prepared for the project. Delays and simple mistakes occur from using incorrect tools and inexperience.

Your contractor needs to prepare the surface the siding installation is to be applied to. The surface must be smooth and solid with no rot, mold, leaks, or cracks. It is also important to waterproof the windows and penetrations, which should include metal flashings and waterproofing tape. Using a high perm rated building paper suitable for our northwest climate is a very important component to your siding installation.

These tips and more can be confirmed by our representative during your scheduled in-person estimate.

Changing the appearance of your home with siding can add value, save energy, and add beauty. Our professionals are knowledgeable about every aspect of home improvement. Let us show you how to save money and get the best product for your project. Fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and discuss how siding installation will transform your home.

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