How to Find the Best Window Replacement Company

Published on: May 17, 2023

You might be wondering if it is time for new windows. Some signs can include:

  • Warped or damaged window sash
  • Fogged glass 
  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Drafts
  • Trouble opening and closing the window
  • Window condensation
  • Far too much outside noise coming inside

Once you’ve decided it is time for new windows, you face a big decision about who to hire for the job. You want to know your window contractor will be dependable, high-quality and hold the proper insurance for the job.

However, finding the right window replacement company is overwhelming, especially in today’s environment where there are so many to choose from. And if you’re replacing your windows for the very first time, make sure you know what you need. You can talk to your family and friends to get recommendations. After all, replacement windows are important for your safety, home and comfort.

Do your research and talk to a few window contractors before selecting the best one based on your needs. Here’s what to look for when seeking a company to replace the windows in your home or business.

What to Look for in a Window Contractor

Take some time to review these factors that make the best window installation contractors.

Replacement vs. New Construction Windows

There are two kinds of windows: new construction and replacement.

Contractors install new construction windows in rough openings. These openings are only available during construction or when a homeowner is getting new windows and new siding at the same time.

Homes suffering from leaking windows might require new construction windows because getting deep into the source of the issue is all that will stop the leaks and provide a strong seal.

Installing new construction windows is often less expensive because it is faster and easier. So if you’re considering replacing your siding soon, talk to your contractor about how combining the jobs could benefit you.

Replacement windows go inside existing window frames. Often, existing homes get replacement windows to avoid too much disruption all at once or to work around window and siding replacement timelines that do not align.

Best Window Replacement Company

Window Styles and Manufacturers

If you have a certain aesthetic or manufacturer in mind for your home, ensure that the contractor you select can achieve that look and work with that manufacturer.

Homeowners of older homes who want to maintain the building’s original architecture will care the most about this aspect of finding a quality contractor. Some installation teams only install their brand of windows. If that’s the case, keep looking until you find someone who can maintain your home’s character.

Allow the Professionals to Do It


Some window contractors do not offer free in-home consultations or take the time to meet with homeowners to discuss their vision for the property. These contractors are not focused on customer service and satisfaction.

Look for a contractor prepared to help you make decisions that will be right for your home and work toward the best outcome for your project. This phase is so important because it gives the contractor time to measure your windows and ensure the right fit and style to meet your home’s needs.

2FL Windows, Siding, and Roofing offer a free consultation to review your home and get to know you. Schedule your free in-home estimate now.


You might meet with a window contractor that you think is great for the job, only to find they are booking jobs six months in advance. And if you have leaky, inefficient windows, that simply won’t be soon enough to meet your needs.

Having to wait 4-16 weeks is standard. That’s because the contractor must order the windows from the manufacturer, which takes some time. Many contractors won’t be able to give you an exact install date until the windows are in from the manufacturer.

While this is not an exact science and can be a factor that is outside the contractor’s control, it’s something you want to keep in mind.

Financing Options

Window replacement can be costly in larger homes with many windows. And once you see the signs that it’s time for replacement, you don’t want to wait too long. Sometimes that means buying new windows before you have the full project cash on hand.

Talk to the contractor about financing options and rebates you might qualify for through your energy provider or local jurisdiction. If your contractor does not offer financing, you can review your options for a personal loan or a home equity line of credit.

2FL Windows, Siding, and Roofing partners with Salal Credit Union to offer convenient financing options for your home projects.

Installation Warranty

Various window manufacturers will offer warranties on their materials. Make sure you know about the warranty before selecting your windows.

But you also want to consider the installation warranty the contractor offers. All warranties are not equal, and the wording on them can be confusing about what that really means. Ask for the fine print on the warranty so you can review what it really covers.

Terms like “lifetime” can just mean the common duration of a window, which might be 20 years. Or lifetime can mean the duration a homeowner lives in the home. Some warranties transfer to new homeowners, while others do not. If you’re planning to move soon, this might be an important factor to consider.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important factor when selecting a window contractor. Most homeowners are not familiar with the window installation process and what to expect. As such, they lean on their installation team to guide them through the process.

Some contractors do not offer the best customer service and care. They want to get the job done and move on. Others know how important the process is to a homeowner and will take their time to explain what’s happening and answer the homeowner’s questions.

When you call the company, it should not take long to get connected with a service representative. Pay attention throughout the consultation and scheduling process as to how easy it is to reach the team and how kind they are. This will be telling as to what you can expect throughout the installation process.


Choose the company you can trust. Some companies disappoint homeowners with their inferior practices and inexperienced workers. While your home might look good right after installation, the long-term seal and durability of your windows can be compromised with a bad install a few years from now.

The contractor should have many years of experience and plenty of positive reviews online. Also, ask for references to find out if they are a reliable company.

Certified Installation

No matter the quality of the window you have the contractor install, a poor installation can affect its performance or the way it looks. Some window manufacturers certify their installers to expertly install their products. 

These installation companies are trained experts for the company’s windows. Further, the companies may also train and certify contractors for window installations for larger remodels. Therefore, it is important to check your installer’s certifications so that you can be assured of their quality.

Quality Window Installation in Washington State

If you’re in the market for window installation in Washington State, consider 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing. Our team services the Puget Sound area as well as Spokane. Call us now at 253-243-8377 or use our online form for reliable, quality window installation you can trust.


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