Hate Cleaning Windows? These Are the Replacement Windows for Your Home

Published on: February 14, 2022

When selecting replacement windows for your home, you should factor in the ease of cleaning the windows. This chore does not have to be something you dread. And with the right windows, you can clean less frequently. 

Homeowners in the market for replacement windows have many factors to consider when buying windows. From energy bills to a secure seal that avoids drafts and keeps your home comfortable, you want the very best for your home. 

But home cleaning can consume so much of your time. According to research, the average American homeowner spends an hour a day cleaning. Think of all you could do with that hour that would be more fun and entertaining. 

If you’re replacing your home’s windows, now is your chance to get some of that time back in your day. 

Replacement Windows for Home Cleaning That’s Easy

Keeping your home clean and maintained can feel like a full-time job. Finding best practices and shortcuts can ease some stress in your life and make homeownership feel less overwhelming.

If you hate cleaning windows, these are the best styles that help make the process simple, fast and perhaps even enjoyable.

1. Double Hung

When it comes to ease of cleaning, double-hung windows are the best replacement option for you. These windows allow you to raise both sashes. And you can tilt the windows in for cleaning, which allows you access to both the interior and exterior glass of the window.

Double Hung Windows

These tilting sashes mean no more ladders required for simple home cleaning activities. And you won’t have to spend the time going inside and out to clean your windows, which means more valuable time back in your day.

2. Venting Windows

Venting windows can also be called casements. These windows are generally rectangles and feature moving sashes with top and bottom rails. The sashes on the windows provide ventilation for your home while also making the window cleaning process simple. 

Still unsure of how to clean these types of windows? Watch this helpful video that demonstrates how to clean your casement windows. This will give you a better idea of what to expect before installing the window.

3. Sliding Windows

Much like the other windows on this list, sliding windows have two sashes. However, these windows slide horizontally instead of vertically. Some sliding windows also have lift-out sashes to make the cleaning process even simpler and allow you to clean your windows entirely from the comforts of the indoors.

Other sliding windows have sashes that swing open like a door, which also provides ample access for cleaning. Having trouble picturing what a sliding window cleaning process might look like? Here’s a video that shows a guide to sliding window cleaning

Allow the Professionals to Do It

What Are Self-cleaning Windows?

So you’ve heard about self-cleaning windows and you’re wondering if these might be right for you. Before you call up your local Washington window replacement team, read up on what these windows are and everything you need to know about maintaining them.

Self-cleaning windows have an outer titanium dioxide coating. This is a white powdery compound that helps things stay bright. You might find this same compound in paints and even toothpaste because it is a bright white paint. Before you get too worried about paint on your windows, realize that this is an ultra-thin layer of the white paint. 

The thin layer of titanium dioxide coating has a minimum impact on the amount of light that can shine through your windows. It generally reduces that amount of light by only 5 percent.

How Do Self-cleaning Windows Work?

Self-cleaning windows work in two ways: light activation and water-loving. Titanium dioxide is a material that forms a chemical reaction when light shines on it. The compound requires ultraviolet light (UV), which is what bright sunshine provides.

When UV light hits the titanium dioxide coating, it produces electrons. The electrons then turn water molecules from the air into hydroxyl radicals. Those radicals create chemical oxidation that attacks organic material, such as dirt and makes it easy for rain to wash the dirt away. 

That’s the process for removing dirt from the windows. But what about those pesky water spots that clutter up the outside of windows? Well, the titanium dioxide coating has forces that work against that unsightly window grime as well.

The coating prevents the water from simply beading up on your windows and running down. That repelling action is what tends to create dirt streaks down your windows as the water moves away in a downward motion. Self-cleaning windows use the water. Avoiding the beading process helps the water molecules spread out evenly to create a sheet on the glass. 

Having the water spread out like this is like placing a giant cloth on the window. Now that it’s spread out, the water moves downward due to the slope of your window creating one even cleaning sweep, much like a squeegee.

Self-cleaning Windows

Advantages of Self-cleaning Windows

Self-cleaning windows should maintain their brilliance throughout the life of the window. You’ll get these great benefits from self-cleaning windows.

  • Time savings
  • Lower cost of window cleaning materials
  • Less risk of injuries from climbing ladders to clean windows
  • Reduction in indoor glare due to the protective coating
  • Improved energy efficiency

Disadvantages of Self-cleaning Windows

The biggest disadvantage to self-cleaning windows is that you still have to do some window cleaning since the insides will need attention. But there are other drawbacks to these windows as well.

  • Expensive compared to other windows
  • Less control over when your windows look their best because you’re relying on weather events
  • Windows can be dirty for long periods as you await a rainstorm and the UV light required to create the reaction needed to clean the glass
  • You can accidentally harm the window coating, which will reduce its effectiveness, or make it stop working completely

Self-cleaning Window Challenges in Seattle

Self-cleaning windows provide amazing perks. But of course, these advantages only apply to the outside of your windows since the rain is not able to create its squeegee-like motion on the insides of your windows.

But there’s another limitation to these windows for Seattle-area homes. We don’t get much UV light in this area to create the necessary reaction to create the rain droplet spread on the windows that avoids dirt spots. 

Ultimately, these windows can offer some benefits for Washington residents, but not the incredible benefits marketed by the manufacturers. You might still find yourself cleaning the exterior of your windows during the rainy season in Washington when the sun is never intense enough to make the titanium dioxide do its work. 

So what home replacement windows are the very best? We highly recommend talking with an expert before selecting windows for your home. At 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing, we provide free in-home estimates. And while we’re there, we’ll discuss our patented installation method called the Rain Jacket Flashing System. This provides outstanding protection for your home against severe weather events and seals your windows to avoid air leaks and other challenges.Schedule your free estimate today to experience the 2FL difference.

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