How to Save On the Cost of Hardie Board Installation

Published on: March 09, 2019

Are you a fan of Hardie Board Sidings?

Well, you are not alone as more than 5 million American homes have this popular siding. Thanks to its durability, low maintenance and long life than other siding types. Also termed as a cement board siding, it was invented by James Hardie. It is weather resistant and adds to your home’s curb appeal.

However, it is equally true that it is one of the expensive sidings. For example, Hardie board siding costs $10 per square foot, meaning that it costs around $12,000 to install it over a 1200 square foot wall.

Luckily, you can save on the cost of Hardie board with the below given tricks.

Shop Around:

Try to get multiple Hardie board installation quotes. This is because different sellers will have different prices for the same product. In fact, they may overcharge you. Top of that, a salesperson may add to that price in order to earn commissions.

Make sure to get quotes from the different vendors. And one more thing—don’t settle on the price. Use you negotiation skills to bring the price lower.

Approach Your Contractor:

hardie board installation

Contractors often get the boards on better prices, thanks to their networking and loyalty to some vendors. If you know anyone, ask them to purchase Hardie siding for you. Given that they purchase the material in significant volume, the supplier is likely to give them discount.

Choose the Right Type:

Generally, there are two forms of Hardie siding. One of them is Factory type which is painted at the factory. The other one is Pre-Primed or unpainted which is usually painted by a customer or a contractor after the installation. Factory painted siding is expensive than pre-primed. It can cost you anywhere between $190 and $160 per square.

However, if you factor in the cost of expensive paint and contractor labor to get your siding painted, the primed option will cost you at least a few thousand dollars extra.

If you are not conscious about a particular set of custom color that is not available at the manufacturer, opt for the pre-painted option. As an added bonus, pre-painted siding will retain its original look for years. To keep unpainted siding look attractive, you need to spend on expensive premium paint.

Buying Siding Should Be Separated from Hiring Labor:

Generally, a contractor adds 10-20% material surcharge into their final price if they provide both labor and materials.

However, purchasing materials separately from the labor can save you $2,000-3,000 on an average. Make sure to order according to your requirement. While estimating a siding for your house, don’t ignore the windows from the total area—this will help cover wastage.

Look for a reasonable price quote for labor from your contractor, and then approach them to help you figure out the right quantity of the materials. This is an optimal way to avoid being short on the supply or getting extra than your requirement.

Purchase and Install During the Slow Seasons:

hardie board installation

The time from November through January is generally a slow season for every home improvement business. Most people prefer buying gifts, planning holidays, and saving money over home improvement or construction. Then the construction jobs are generally few and far between. As the contractors look for more business, it’s the right time to get Hardie board on cheaper price comparative to the busy time of the year.

Look for Other Brands:

James Hardie is the original owner and seller of Hardie boards. However, there are many cheaper brands available in market you can try. They are generally 10-20% cheaper.


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