Top Considerations for Replacement Slider Windows

Published on: February 12, 2024

Replacing the windows on your home is a big task with many considerations. The windows you select will impact the comfort, safety and enjoyability of your home. Spend some time getting to know top considerations for replacement slider windows.

What Is a Slider Window?

Slider windows work just like the name indicates. Instead of opening vertically like classic double-hung windows, slider windows open horizontally. You’ll be using a track to open your windows from side-to-side. Imagine a classic window but turned on its side and you can get a good idea of how these windows work.

Because of the way they function, they allow you to place a window in an area that lets in plenty of light without furniture obstructing your views outside. Some places where you commonly see these windows is in homes with stunning landscaping or exterior views since they provide an opportunity to take in the outdoor vistas.

While the operation is slightly different than what you might be used to, sliding windows are still easy to operate. High-quality versions of these windows are easy to open using just a finger. If the window is challenging to operate, it likely means it was cheaply made or is worn out.

How Do Sliding Windows Work?

Operating your sliding window is simple. Follow these steps.

  1. Unlock the window.
  2. Push the window’s sash to the left or right depending on your window’s orientation.
  3. Select how far open you want the window based on your airflow preferences and indoor temperature comfort.
  4. Slide the window back to its starting position to close it.
  5. Secure the lock back in place for your home’s security.

Cleaning the windows mirrors how you would clean double-hung windows that do not tilt. You’ll need to remove the sashes to reach the outside glass. So while it isn’t ideal, cleaning the outside portion of your windows is no more challenging with slider windows than it is with double-hung or other popular window models that have no tilt feature.

Sliding Window Pros and Cons

As you evaluate the best windows for your home, consider these sliding window pros and cons to ensure they are a good fit based on your needs.


  • Simple operation: you’ll be able to open and close the window with ease to help ventilate your home and allow fresh air inside no matter the season. Shorter homeowners find these windows easier to operate than double-hung because of the way they are set up.
  • Maintenance: maintaining these windows is incredibly simple as these windows have few parts and easy cleaning options.
  • Durable: windows that slide do not use complicated pulleys or springs, which helps them last longer even when you open them regularly.
  • Outdoor views: take in the stunning views of your landscaping to mix the comforts of the indoors with the relaxing setting of the outdoors. Furniture and other items will not obstruct your views.
  • Energy efficiency: slider windows are very energy efficient because they have fewer moving parts compared to other window types. They also have a strong seal, which will help keep your treated air inside.
  • Size options: slider windows come in many sizes and orientations to fit your home and needs.
Replacement Windows Slider


  • Outdoor cleaning: because you can’t purchase slider windows with tilt options, you’ll need to remove the sash to clean the outside glass.
  • Only one sash opens: unlike double-hung windows where you can have the option to open both sashes, slider windows feature one moving sash, which means you will get half the airflow you could potentially get with casement or double-hung windows with two moving sashes.
  • Potential for pooling water: Washington is a state with ample rainfall. Sliding windows can have pooling water in the sill depending on the placement and installation of these windows. Talk to your window contractor before installing these windows to ensure best results.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

Cost Considerations

Slider windows are generally less expensive than other window types. That’s because the slider mechanisms are less complex and costly to make. While slider windows are more affordable, they don’t rank as high as double-hung windows for security, airflow and style.

Slider Window Types

You have many options for slider windows in your home. Take a look to see what you can expect from your windows as far as the movable portions and sashes.

Single slider: with one moving glass pane, you can still open your window for airflow, but part of the window will always remain closed. The moveable pane slides side to side on a sash. 

Double slider: these windows have two or three glass panes based on your preferences. However, only two of the panes will slide. Generally, if they have three glass panes the two panes on the sides will move while the center pane is stationary. 

Three pane slider: with an appearance line a picture window, this type of sliding window still offers the option to ventilate the space using the classic sliding motion instead of crank arms, which is more common in picture windows.

Where to Use Sliding Windows

Bring ample natural light into your home while still providing the option to ventilate the space thanks to the flexibility slider windows offer. These affordable windows are a great option in a variety of home and room types. Here’s a look at when and how to use sliding windows.

  • Wide spaces: especially wide rooms can be challenging to outfit with windows. You might be looking at the cost of several windows to bring natural light into the space and wondering if there is another way. Because sliding windows are horizontally oriented, they can make wide rooms look natural and cozy in a way vertical windows cannot. And they provide a more affordable option for outfitting these room styles than vertically oriented windows.
  • Hard-to-stage rooms: some rooms with many features like a fireplace, doors or other details can make a room challenging to stage. You don’t know where to put your couch without covering a window or how to avoid reflection on your TV. Sliding windows offer more flexibility to put windows higher up to still allow you to place your furniture under them without obstructing views or natural light.
  • Modern designs: horizontal windows fit in well with modern homes. They are simple and minimalist by nature, fitting the style of your home perfectly.
  • Ideal for bungalows: because bungalows often have awkward spaces on the upper floors, slider windows are ideal. They fit in well with the style of the homes and can match challenging spaces with a natural light source.

Quality Window Installation and Expertise in Washington State

While the types and manufacturers of windows you select is important, your window contractor and installation team are essential. Poorly installed windows leave you susceptible to mold, mildew and energy efficiency issues. The life of your windows relies on you having high-quality installation.

2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing is a trusted contractor serving Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding area. Our team will meet with you in your home to provide you with a list of options and considerations for your replacement windows. Schedule your free consultation now to learn more.

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