5 Major Benefits of Energy Efficient Home Replacement Windows

Published on: October 04, 2021

The last few decades have produced incredible improvements in home replacement windows. One of the big improvements is that they are far more energy-efficient. 

Did you know that 25-30 percent of all residential heating and cooling expenses are due to heat gain and loss through windows? Making an upgrade can both decrease the strains you put on our planet as well as lowering your energy bills.

What’s an Energy Efficient Window?

Energy-efficient windows use technological advances to reduce overall energy usage within a home. New installation methods and better insulation help make these windows more energy efficient.

When shopping for new windows, you should look at the U-factor, which will tell you how much non-solar heat loss or gain you’ll experience with the window. The lower the U-factor, the more energy-efficient the window is. 

But consult a professional before purchasing your windows. U-factors can refer only to the glass and not the full window. And if improperly installed, the windows won’t necessarily be more efficient so it’s a good idea to schedule a window consultation to guide you in the purchasing process. 

When shopping for energy-efficient replacement windows, you can also look for a low-E coating to further aid in making your windows more energy efficient. 

Still not sure how to choose energy-efficient windows? Check out this YouTube video for a brief overview.

5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Here’s a look at the top reasons why homeowners consider replacing their windows for more energy-efficient models.

1. Lower Energy Bills

While reducing your energy consumption is great for the environment, it’s also great for your pocketbook. You’ll save money every month year-round with more efficient windows. That’s because, in the summer, these windows help keep heat out and are well-insulated to keep your cool air in. Likewise, in the winter it keeps the cold out and your heated air in.

If you already have energy-efficient windows in your home but you don’t understand why your home is drafty or uncomfortable, you might want to call a handyman or window replacement company for an assessment. You might be able to improve a poor installation job to fix errors after the fact.

2. Greater Home Resale Value

If you’re considering selling your home soon, purchasing new windows can have a big return on your investment (ROI). Replacing windows can have an 85 percent return on your investment and help you sell your home quickly. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, you’ll experience these cost savings over the next several years thanks to improvements in energy efficiency. With window replacement, homeowners can save as much as 12 percent on their annual energy expenses, which can add up quickly.

Of course, your return on investment and the time it takes for your windows to pay off will depend on several factors, including:

  • Age of current windows
  • Home location
  • Home and window type
  • Number of windows
  • Locations of windows
  • New windows you select

But overall, the investment is likely to pay off for you if you select high-quality replacement windows.

Need Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home?

3. Noise Dampening

Cars passing by outside or neighbors talking on the sidewalk near your home should not sound like it’s happening inside of your home. Windows play an important role in dampening outdoor noises to the point where you hear very little commotion outside.

This is especially desirable for homes that sit near a highway or within a busy city. So if you want a little more peace and quiet while relaxing inside of your home, window replacement can help. You might even sleep better by reducing these outside noises.

4. Lower Maintenance

Taking good care of your home takes a great deal of work. And sometimes it can feel like you just don’t have enough time to do it all. Lower your maintenance times with new windows. 

If it feels like you’re constantly lubricating the track and still struggling to get your windows to open in the spring, it might be time for new windows. While lubricating the windows can help them last longer, there does come a time when the constant up and down motion becomes too much for older windows.

Or, you might be resealing your windows regularly trying to get just a few more years of life out of them. While this can work for a little while, there does come a point when resealing the window does not provide much for improving energy efficiency. 

Modern windows also come with films or sealants that require less cleaning while still allowing you to see through the glass and enjoy the benefits of the sun warming your home in the winter.  

5. Create a More Comfortable Home Environment

Drafts within your home can make it terribly uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have to bundle up inside in the rooms that have more windows due to them allowing airflow. 

New windows will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter without major temperature fluctuations, and of course, you’ll enjoy much lower energy costs as well. 

energy efficient windows

Other Window Replacement Benefits

Those are the top five reasons why homeowners replace the windows in their homes. But there are plenty of other benefits you can experience as well. These benefits can include the following.

  • Curb appeal and improved indoor appearance
  • Possible energy incentives on taxes or from utility companies
  • Easier views outside due to reduction in condensation
  • UV protection for your home furnishings

Is Window Replacement Worth It?

The price of window replacement and the headache of going through the selection process and working with a contractor is one reason why homeowners put off replacing aging windows.

But this process does not have to be complicated. Selecting the right contractor will help make the process simple and easy so you can get to enjoying your home. Window home replacement is worth it. And the average cost for a window is only $600. Of course, the style and brand of windows that you select will impact this price, but whole-home window replacement is affordable.

Making your window replacement project pay off means hiring the right team to manage the process and provide a quality installation. At 2FL Windows, Siding & Roofing you will benefit from our dedicated and experienced technicians who will do the job right and leave you with a clean property. 

Working with a window specialist provides access to:

  • Correct installation
  • Advanced techniques and tools
  • Property protection and clean up after installation

Ready to get started with window replacement? Schedule a free in-home estimate where we’ll review your options with you. Our team will work with you to pick affordable windows that will look great and have a long life to avoid the need to replace them again in just a few years.

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