Why Vinyl Siding is the Most Popular Way to Protect Your Home

Published on: April 14, 2024

Transform the look of your home with new vinyl siding. Gone are the days when vinyl siding meant your home would look like every other one on the block. With more color options, trendy styles and timeless classic designs, there’s a reason why this siding material is suddenly making heads turn.

Plus, there’s the benefits you’ll experience when you upgrade to modern siding with better insulation and home protection. Learn more about this siding medium and why homeowners are turning to it as the most popular siding option. 

Vinyl Siding Benefits

If you’re evaluating the more practical side of things with your vinyl siding, look at these primary benefits the siding material offers.

  • Energy savings: save up to 30 percent on your heating and cooling bills. Thanks to better insulating properties, modern vinyl siding can help lower your utility bills.
  • Comfort: because the siding is well insulated, you won’t deal with fluctuating temperatures inside in the same way that you currently do. Your treated air will stay inside, preventing cold spots and drafts in your home.
  • Home value: with incredible curb appeal and modern appearances, new vinyl siding can increase your home’s value. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling now, you should evaluate how new siding materials will impact your resale value long term.
  • Quiet: siding acts as a sound barrier for your home. Block road noise and neighbors chatting on the sidewalk. With better insulating properties and noise dampening, new siding can help your home be a place of solitude.
  • Simple maintenance: if you have wood siding currently, you know that the painting work never ends. But with vinyl siding, you’ll never have to paint the siding and can enjoy the vibrant, beautiful colors it offers. 
  • Warranty: many vinyl siding manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Some even offer a transferrable warranty to make your home sale more attractive.
  • Lifetime Installation warranty: when you work with 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing, we offer a lifetime installation warranty. We back our work because we take pride in it and want homeowners to trust us. 

Styles to Match Your Home

vinyl siding

Your vinyl siding can look like wood from the road, offering the easy maintenance of this siding material mixed with the stunning curb appeal wood offers. Or you can accomplish modern designs with vertical siding styles if that’s your preference. Here’s a look at the style options you have with vinyl.

1. Horizontal

Horizontal siding is classic. Within this style, you can choose from a variety of options, including Dutch lap, beaded and traditional lap. From there, you can get wood textures that will make your home look like it has wood siding but without the maintenance headaches.

One of the best aspects of horizontal siding is that it is timeless. This is important to consider since your siding should last no less than 20 years, assuming it doesn’t go through a damaging storm or other disruption. 

Choose your shadow lines, color and texture to make this classic home appearance uniquely yours.

2. Vertical

You can mix horizontal and vertical siding for a unique appearance or clad your entire home in only vertical siding. This style goes well around entryways, gables, dormers and low porch walls. Choose from a variety of styles, such as board and batten, which offer wide and narrow vertical patterns for additional visual interest. This style looks especially good on historical homes.

3. Shake and Shingle

Get an authentic shake or shingle appearance but without the frustrating maintenance that a true wood design would have. You can use this style as an accent on your home or side the entire home using this method. 

Mix shakes and shingles with stone or other materials for a distinctive appearance. It offers a natural and attractive look to your home to give it incredible curb appeal.

Allow the Professionals to Do It

4. Insulated

You can get insulated siding in a variety of styles. That’s because it’s regular siding but with a foam core backing. Its foam core helps keep air out while serving as a thermal break to prevent heat transmission. You’ll get premier energy efficiency for your home. But an additional perk you might not have considered is that the added foam aids in reducing noise. Enjoy warmer winters indoors and greater overall comfort.

Next Generation Insulated Vinyl Siding Products in Seattle

2FL is proud to offer the most energy-efficient vinyl siding available today. Alside’s advanced technology delivers stronger, more rigid vinyl siding systems that hug the home tighter.

The TriBeam Design offers a double-thick nail hem, which enables the siding material to withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds. The siding is up to five times more rigid than competitors to help it stay in place during heavy Washington storms. These aren’t just claims that the company makes. They have third-party testing to authenticate the quality.

The finishes also make this siding popular because they are distinguished. You can get it in clapboard (regular or extra-large), Dutch lap (regular or extra-large), matte finish or oak grain finish.

Choose from one of 24 popular colors and coordinating trim options to complete the appearance you want.

Even the underlayment undergoes careful thought and consideration to give you the best insulation and quality. It provides an R-value of up to 5.3.

Not sure Alside is right for you? 2FL will help you determine a high-quality siding material based on your price and preferences. Your free in-person siding consultation and estimate are just a click away.

How Vinyl Compares to Other Siding Materials

As you evaluate whether vinyl siding is a good move for you, consider how it compares to other popular siding materials.

Wood vs. Vinyl

Wood siding is timeless and beautiful. It’s also maintenance intensive. You can achieve the appearance of wood with vinyl siding but at approximately half the price and without the ongoing maintenance requirements.

Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl

Although fiber cement has a longer life than vinyl, the maintenance is simpler for vinyl. You’ll need to clean, caulk and paint fiber cement siding throughout its lifetime. But vinyl doesn’t require much maintenance at all to allow you to simply enjoy your home.

Brick/stone vs. Vinyl

Brick and stone offer low-maintenance options for protecting your home. They are also great for insulation and blocking out exterior sounds to make your home a comfortable place to be. But vinyl siding is far less expensive than brick or stone, even if you go with a veneer. The lower cost makes vinyl more attractive to many homeowners.

Stucco vs. Vinyl

Stucco has one of the longest life expectancies of any siding material, being able to last up to 100 years. It is also fire and insect-proof. However, it often costs three times more than vinyl. You’ll need to weigh the upfront cost of stucco to decide whether it is right for you.

Metal vs. Vinyl

Aluminum and steel siding have a powder-coated finish that wears off with time requiring maintenance. While it does have a longer life expectancy than vinyl, the added maintenance costs make the value of vinyl better. Plus, metal siding can be noisier during rain and storms.

Schedule Your Siding Upgrade Now

To have your siding evaluated and weigh the pros and cons of various siding materials, schedule a free in-home estimate with 2FL Windows, Siding and Roofing. Our team will visit your home free of charge to discuss your options and evaluate your current siding.

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