10 Compelling Reasons to Choose Vinyl Window Replacement

Published on: April 20, 2024

When evaluating the best way to make your home energy efficient, don’t overlook your windows. Vinyl window replacement can make your home more comfortable while lowering your energy expenses year-round.

Curb appeal is another major consideration when evaluating new windows. Vinyl windows don’t need painted or maintenance to stay attractive for many years. If you’re on the fence about what type of windows to install in your home or business, here’s why vinyl windows are a leading option nationwide.

10 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Window Replacement

Windows serve many purposes. They can bring fresh air into your home, help you manage indoor temperature, and even set the design tone. Aside from aesthetics, windows are responsible for protecting your home or commercial building from harsh weather elements. 

So if you want to do something nice for your home, vinyl window replacement will have a massive impact. Take a few minutes to check out some highly compelling reasons to complete a vinyl window replacement project now.

1. Design Options

Making a change to your home should also mean an upgrade to its appearance. Vinyl windows are beautiful. These windows offer many different styles, colors, and shapes and can be retrofitted into any window space easily. 

Not only can you select a color that will fit beautifully with your style and décor, but you can also choose panes, operation, accents, ornamentation and more. Whether you need slider, awning, casement, double hung or fixed windows, you’ll love the options vinyl windows provide.

If you love the appearance of wood, you can get vinyl windows that are coated with a wood grain finish for the look without the maintenance. 

2. Simple Maintenance

Vinyl windows are maintenance-free. They’ll arrive with a factory color, and you won’t need to worry about painting or updating these windows. With factory colors, they are also less likely to fade and cause you to wish you had another window type installed. 

While your wooden framed windows need to be sealed, sanded, or repainted, vinyl windows simply need regular glass cleaning, which you can complete with a household cleaner and minimal effort.

Vinyl Window

3. Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows can withstand extreme temperature changes. They are well known for providing excellent insulation. Choosing them will ensure that your home stays warm during winter and cool during summer. 

The corners of frames are fusion welded with a strong sash, which significantly reduces the chances of water or air infiltration. In some cases, inert gases fill in the vacuum between dual panes of glass, which further eliminates heat loss through convection and amplifies the window’s energy efficiency.

Vinyl windows are more energy-efficient than aluminum windows. And while fiberglass is more energy-efficient than vinyl, they are also far more expensive and unattainable for some homeowners. 

Allow the Professionals to Do It

4. Noise Reduction

When considering your indoor comfort levels, don’t forget about noise reduction. Create a quieter, more serene place to live with high-quality vinyl windows.

Windows with argon filling are the best at noise reduction because inert gas makes the window denser and harder for sound to travel through. That creates an additional layer of insulation and reduces noise.

Every pane addition on your windows will help make them quieter by adding barriers to outside noise. If you have older windows but aren’t ready to upgrade them yet, you can also consider sealing the window or adding a clear sound barrier or blanket. You can also install sound-dampening drapes to make your home more comfortable.

5. Incredible Durability

Vinyl windows have a lifetime warranty and are 10 years transferable to the new owner.

Because they require very little maintenance, vinyl windows look great for longer. They come with a high-impact construction, which offers greater resistance to factors like rust, rot and corrosion. 

In addition to long-term reliability, vinyl windows are almost scratch proof. So you don’t need to worry for painting, scraping or staining to restore them to their original beauty. They’ll just retain that beauty naturally. Once you get them installed, you don’t have to worry much about them.

6. Eco-friendly Living

Similar to noise reduction, vinyl windows also offer protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Coming from the sun, these rays are not just harmful to the body, but to your home as well. 

Did you know that ultraviolet rays can cause fading of window coverings, flooring, carpet, furniture, and even photographs? But with glazed windows, which feature a special coating, the chances of UV rays passing through them are negligible.

These windows are also recyclable, which means they are more eco-friendly.

7. Affordable

Vinyl windows are some of the most affordable on the market while also balancing quality for the money. Not only is the price tag on the installation more affordable but the labor costs are also more affordable. With minimal maintenance expenses, you can also enjoy money savings on upkeep compared to other window materials.

8. Return on Investment

In addition to being affordable to install, vinyl windows provide an outstanding return on investment. Remodeling Magazine found that vinyl windows offer a 68.5 percent return on your investment when selling your home. So while you won’t get the full value out of them should you choose to market your home down the road, you’ll recoup a large portion of the expense.

9. Safety Upgrades

Old windows likely have thin glass and a weak locking system compared to modern windows. These older materials put you at risk for break-ins or leaking due to adverse weather conditions. Sturdy slider locks help ensure you’re protected.

10. Curb Appeal

Vinyl windows offer incredible curb appeal. Upgrade your home’s appearance with new designs or complement classic styles with a classic style for your home. Choose grid styles that meet your needs and pick a color that will look great on your home for decades. Vinyl windows are beautiful and can help you upgrade your curb appeal instantly.

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